Is it Worth to Buy Waste King L-3200 Review

Cooking which is often a cumbersome duty for many becomes a delightful passion when your kitchen is hygienic, clean and odor-free. Yes, working in a friendly environment naturally gives smiles and satisfaction and you prove your best in your culinary skills which are praised by your family and friends. All this is possible as you lay your hands on Waste King L-3200.

Waste King L-3200 Review

So, what’s special with Waste King Garbage Disposal? Let’s now review it to ease you in your selection process. Waste King right from its starting years is known for its cost-effectiveness and soon after, it has earned the trust of consumers by not just providing the quality garbage disposal but also maintaining it.

Waste King L-3200 Review by eWasteGuide

It is the power of Waste King which crushes the leftover, no matter how hard it is. Waste King Legend Series L-3200 is a loved, appreciated and desired product due to its powerful motor and not being “too large”. It fits under the kitchen sink and the insulation is adequate to reduce noise.

Grinding Power

Waste King 3200 Garbage Disposal has a high powered magnet motor ¾ HP which delivers 2700 RPM speed. Its capacity and power are meant for medium to big families with 4+ members as it can handle a comparably large amount of waste daily. One consumer who switched over to Waste King L-3200 garbage disposal found a pleasant difference.

She narrated her ordeal as to how she used to take lots of time while cleaning the kitchen after dinner. She had to undergo lots of frustration every night, as she was using ordinary disposal earlier and she couldn’t grind carrot and had to dispose of in the waste-bin. However, now, it is an easier exercise by disposing the garbage and ensuring sparkling clean kitchen too, as removable splash guard is an added feature in Waste King L-3200.


Your kitchen deserves only the best appliances and this garbage disposal is proven worthy enough to ease you in kitchen chores. It is a continuous feed waste disposal which speeds up your task of removing your garbage as you can grind waste of any nature be it bones, banana or potato peels, even while it is working.

Comes with an Attached Power Cord

It has a power cord which ends hardwiring your disposal, thus making the whole scenario easy, simple and wire-free. You don’t need any expertise as an electrician as it has pre-installed power cord which makes your quest to run and operate easily.


The engineers have professionally addressed the requirement of creating a product which is long-lasting and doesn’t break due to corrosion. They have made use of durable materials which are known to work for years as it is made from stainless steel and doesn’t rust or corrode. The high-speed motor liquefies the solid materials by constantly churning at awesome speed and it smoothly enters your sewage system. Hence, the issue of jamming turns out to be very negligible.


Waste King 3200 Garbage disposal has EZ-mount system to make your installation exercise easy. Additionally, it has a self-explanatory instructional manual for you to install in a smooth manner as you know that you will be getting high-quality garbage disposal. Now, washing dishes is a lot easier and hygienic.

Power and Speed

It is a ¾ HP permanent magnet motor and has 2700 rpm. The size of the disposal possess fairly good amount of food waste at one go, thus saving a lot of time, it also accomplishes your objective of the clean kitchen a reality every-day.

Product’s Quality

The products of Waste King have the same quality overall. The difference in the price range of garbage disposal is due to the power of motor and speed.

If you were too concerned about the noise of the product to be high, then think again. One of the consumers who also happened to have a baby of six months purchased the product. She was worried about the grinding sound but her anxiety turned into happiness, soon after. Yes, it was comparably quieter than the other garbage disposals which she purchased before.

The baby wasn’t at all influenced even when the appliance was in operation. So, the sound level is somewhat minimal as it has a sound shell which minimizes the sound when it is operated, although it may be a bit noisy, sometimes. It is true that it isn’t the quietest disposal, but certainly value for money.

Energy-Efficient and Environment-Friendly

  • The motor is high powered and fast, so be prepared for energy and water-saving much to your satisfaction.
  • Removable splash card not only cleans it easily, but it also prevents bad odors thus ending the chance of insect breeding.
  • Since the garbage disposal is converting solid waste to liquid where you don’t have to throw in a trash bin, so you are actually doing your duty as a responsible citizen by protecting the environment.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Mostly, the customer satisfaction is clear due to the affordable cost of the appliance. Being a high powered machine it fulfills the needs of medium to large families.
  • Another important point of satisfaction for consumers is the use of stainless steel which showcases the durability of the product as it also ensures, that the product won’t be breaking down easily.
  • The insulated motor in itself is an awesome feature where the noise level isn’t a thing of concern and is largely accepted.


  • Good sound insulation to reduce the level of sound.
  • Removable splash guard makes it easy to do cleaning and inspecting.
  • The unit is compatible with your dishwater and you can connect it anytime.
  • The easiest way to install quickly.
  • Affordable garbage disposal with a good rating.
  • Powerfully grinds in a quick manner.
  • Great value for money.
  • Two product warranties in terms of 8-year in-home warranty and lifetime corrosion warranty.


  • A consumer complained that it started making loud noise after using for a few months.


Waste King has earned a reputation of providing quality products consistently and 3200 model is an addition to facilitate consumers further. If you always dreamt of a neat, hygienic and beautiful kitchen, then it is going to be fulfilled as your aim of tackling a prime concern has just been addressed as you purchase Waste King L-3200.

In the competitive market, only the best of products survive and Waste King is one of them, thanks to providing a high-speed motor at 2700 RPM and powered by 3/4 HP insulated motor for reducing the noise, which may have otherwise been too high. Its EZ sink mount further adds on the easiness while installing and you can surely use it with the septic tank.

The affordable feature is one of the supreme attractions apart from the others mentioned above and is a good value for money, undoubtedly. Now, beautify your kitchen with the systematic placement of appliances at their designated places. It has an attached 8 years of in-home warranty for material or mechanical defect. Long warranty means long life and Waste King engineers have already geared up to give its esteemed consumers a promising association which is going stronger with every passing day.

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