Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working?

How hectic it could be when someone comes across a garbage disposal failure! Isn’t it? Of course, having an efficient garbage disposal method is one of the best things one could do so as to maintain a hygienic environment. But, nowadays it has turned so common when people reach out for assistance with one of their most vexing troubles – why is my garbage disposal not working? Isn’t that annoying? And even more, an irksome job is to identify the reason behind its failure. Certainly, several different areas of concern would pop up in your mind. Though, locating the source reason could be a tough job. And so, we here crisply elaborate the key reasons behind garbage disposal failure so as to better recognize the one behind yours.

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working?

Inoperative System

As and when you realize your garbage disposal isn’t working, it may relate to the flip of the associated switch. If it is the reason, then certainly, something has gone wrong with the power supply. In case if it’s unplugged, plug it back and wait for a while. If everything’s back to normal, you can certainly blame a bad circuit for the issue.

Just the Noise

Another sign behind the fall in the efficiency of the garbage disposal could be the unknown noises, but initially, you see nothing happening. Isn’t that weird, right? This might happen because something is clogging it or preventing it to work smoothly. Obviously, disposing of something in the sink which isn’t meant to be can clog the disposal unit. This may even lead to the stuck of the flywheel. If it is so, it is suggesting not to unstuck it with your hand.


Do you use your garbage disposal too frequently? Certainly, just the way other electric devices do, it might also have turned off due to overheating in order to avoid any such further implications making your garbage disposal not working. Simply look for the reset button beneath and turn it on and see whether it makes any difference or not.


Leakages are pretty common these days in disposal systems. So, when you detect leakage in your garbage disposal, do not run it, rather, turn the disposal off and cut the power off for some time. Retighten the nuts and bolts to avoid the leakage. Also, you might require a plumber’s assistance to overcome any larger crack.

Total Failure

This is amongst the worst scenarios. In case if your garbage disposal comes across a total failure, just realize it’s time to switch to a new one. Crosscheck whether you are still under the period of warranty of the older one before you begin to scroll amongst the best prices. You can read a review on the best garbage disposal which helps you to find most suitable garbage disposal for your kitchen.

Slow Drainage

If you continuously try to run your garbage disposal but consistently you come across the same trouble of failure in cleaning the debris and are leaving your sink in a big mess, just realize your drain is probably clogged up. Of course, we certainly don’t recommend you clean it using chemical drain cleaners, because you would most likely end up cleaning it yourself manually which is not safe. This is another symptom of your garbage disposal not working properly. Reach out to an experienced plumber to get rid of slow drainage.

Clanking Sound

If your garbage disposal is working finely, though you hear a loud clanking noise while it runs, you likely have a piece of metal or something which might have snapped out of some utensils within the disposal which is bouncing around within the main disposing unit.

Persistent Odour

Obviously, as the garbage disposals are meant to get rid of the food waste, it’s not really uncommon to come across foul smells occasionally. Though, if a routine cleaning doesn’t eliminate the odor, there might be food pieces stuck in the crevices of the appliance making your garbage disposal not working.

Frequent Resets

If you require to reset your garbage disposal quiet frequently so as to make it work, this a major trouble. It could be a result of regular wear and tear. Of course, inefficient disposal could really slow down a household. Reach out to a professional plumber and fix this trouble before things fall out of places.

No Power

Obviously, if there is no power, ultimately your garbage disposal won’t work at all. Make sure the plug is not loosened and is properly connected to a power supply making the disposal operative. Look over the reset button whether it’s in the right place or has unknowingly popped out. If so, just put it back and set it on. Also, check the circuit breakers as well. They might also need to be resettled. Moreover, in case your disposal isn’t working, it might be either because of any flaw in the unit or a bad switch which must need to be replaced.

Blades aren’t moving

If you have dealt with the blockage but still, the disposal blades aren’t yet moving then you must check the flywheel. Clean out the debris and smoothen the flywheel to make it free to move. If in case still, the trouble occurs, you must reach out to a plumber for certain rectification or else, it’s time to replace the blades or switch to a whole new garbage disposal.

Did you find the answers to all of your dicey questions? Of course, dealing with garbage disposal isn’t really a smooth task and hence, you definitely need legitimate assistance to it. Certainly, it’s too nagging to detect the root cause of this trouble and so, these are some of the possible circumstances which could make your garbage disposal not working.

In fact, if you persistently come across any of these troubles, try to rather switch over to a new garbage disposal unit. This would definitely make tasks simpler and ultimately, would be efficient for your drainage system too. Obviously know, rectifying the totally damaged doesn’t really make any way out of the trouble, right? So it’s recommended to deal with detect the root cause behind your garbage disposal inefficiency and then take the corrective measure to overcome the mess.

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