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Trash cans become one of the most important containers in our homes. While we would like to take advantage of all the items we have for our usage, we cannot avoid having waste materials. Some materials are recyclable, some of them are toxic, and some of them can be used for your garden. However, it is such a hassle to separate all of these waste materials one by one, and it might get dangerous to our health if not handled properly. That is why trash cans became an important item for our homes. You can find 13-gallon trash can list below.

However, for some kitchen savvy people, it is not just a simple container where you put your trashes in, but they need to consider the design, aesthetics, and capacity of it. They would like to have a trash can that is suitable to their taste and need. That is why, for most of the consumers nowadays, a trash can that is practical, heavy-duty, and is easy to maintain can be considered their top choice. So, if you are looking for the best size of trash cans and recycling bins for your home, how about considering buying yourself a 13-gallon trash can?

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10 Best 13 Gallon Trash Cans Review

A 13 Gallon Trash Can is considered by consumers as one the most popular type of recycling bins as it can hold the standard 13 Gallon Trash Bags and can hold up to 50 liters of trash. Sounds good, right? However, there is a lot of 13-Gallon trash cans in the market right now.

Let us give you the Top 10 recommended 13-gallon trash cans available out there and see their features that you may like.

1. Home Zone Living VA41833A – 50L or 13-Gallon

If you are looking for a 13-gallon trash can with a sleek design and has a competitive price, Home zone Living VA41833A is one of the top choices. Here are the features:

Home Zone Living VA41833A

  • It has a dual compartment 13 Gallon Recycling bin with Step Pedal. It is convenient to sort out trash and recyclables efficiently.
  • The Step pedal is durable which makes opening the lid effortlessly and the hinges are also reinforced to ensure that the lid opens and closes soft and secure every time.
  • The coating is considered top-notch as it prevents smudges and fingerprints which makes the process of cleaning it easy and quick.

2. iTouchless with Wide Opening – 13-Gallon Trash Can

The iTouchless trash cans became one of the most anticipated trash can series today. This type of 13-gallon trash can is so popular for those people who are very conscious about touching garbage for sanitary reasons. Check out the features below of one of the most advance 13 Gallon Trash can in the market.

iTouchless with Wide Opening

  • This Compact trash can opens automatically via a motion sensor that is located on the top of the bin.
  • The touchless lid also opens quickly for easy garbage disposal and it also has reinforced hinges to ensure durability.
  • It also includes a deodorizer that prevents trash foul odor. You will receive one free carbon odor filter when you purchase this automatic 13-gallon trash can.

3. iTouchless Softstep Kitchen 13-Gallon Trash Can

The iTouchless Softstep is considered one of the bestsellers in Amazon. Reason? Because of your 100% satisfaction is assured and backed by a Full-Service Manufacturer’s Promise for two years, including Dedicated Customer Support. Fantastic, isn’t it? Take a look at some of its remarkable features:

iTouchless Softstep

  • This is a stylish looking 13-gallon trash can that is made of smudge-resistant stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The Durable, non-slip pedal is designed accordingly so that you can open the lid with using minimal force. The hinges are also reinforced to ensure that the lid closes silently and softly.
  • Included is one odor filter, this filter absorbs and neutralizes trash odors for around three months. This keeps your home from smelling clean and fresh.

4. HomeLabs Automatic Trash Can (13 Gallon & 21 Gallon)

Just like the iTouchless series, HomeLabs also released automated 13 Gallon trash can which uses infrared technology, opening the bin lid when motion is detected within 6 inches, to protect you from germs and other icky things. See some of its features below:

HomeLabs Automatic Trash Can

  • This 13-gallon trash can is a narrow shaped automatic trash can with a butterfly lid system. You can open the split doors via the motion sensor detector attached at the top of the bin.
  • Cleaning this trash can is also very easy to do. The interior if this automated 13-gallon trash can is smooth and the trash bag retainer ring attached to it makes it easy to remove and replace garbage bags.
  • The sensor ball can be adjusted to your liking, so you can open the lids from the top or the side. You can also open and close the butterfly lid manually with separate buttons.

5. Simplehuman Touch Bar Recycler

Some of today’s more advanced trash cans cost upwards of $100, but you don’t need to shell out that much money to get a quality product. The Hefty 13.3 Gallon Pivot Lid Trash Can is a great option if you’re on a budget, as it provides all the functionality you need with an affordable price tag.

Simplehuman Touch Bar Recycler

  • This 13-gallon trash can, Simplehuman Touch-Bar is a dual compartment trash can that the consumers loved for sorting trash and recycling in the kitchen or office. The dual recycler has two equally sized compartments which are removable, so cleaning and replacing liners is an easy task.
  • This bin is easy to use for smaller kids who might have trouble with more heavy to use foot pedals from step bins.
  • It has a unique touch-bar that opens with just a touch of your hand, a tap of your elbow, or a bump of your hip, and stays open until you are ready to close it; ideal during food prep or cleaning up around the kitchen.
  • It has 10 years warranty as they ensure that they have used the best materials and solid engineering so that their products will last in tough environments — for years.
  • It also has a protective coating to ensure that it is smudge-free and very easy to maintain.

6. Secura Automatic Trash Can

Just like any other automatic trash cans in the market today, Secura was able to come up with another idea for its edge. For those who are afraid of germs from the trash, see the features below:

Secura Automatic Trash Can

  • It has Two Adjustable Sensor Direction and LED Countdown Timer. You just need to turn the rotating sensor ball to adjust the sensor zone for upward-facing or front-facing.
  • You also just need to place your hand or garbage within the sensor range, the lid will open automatically and immediately.
  • It also has six indicators LED lights that will be off counterclockwise before closing, informing you of when the lid will close.
  • You can use the bin with 4 ‘AA’ batteries, or you can connect the power adapter.
  • It also has specially formulated Activated bamboo charcoal, the air purifying bag works naturally as an odor remover, odor eliminator, and air purifier to maintain a fresh, breathable smelling home.

7. Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can

The Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can is a sleek designed 13-gallon trash can that fits beautifully in the kitchen. It may cost you a little bit more but buyers considered it as worthy of every penny. Why? See the features below:

Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can

  • It has 10 years warranty as they ensure that they have used the best materials and solid engineering so that their products will last in tough environments — for years.
  • With the sturdy steel foot pedal, the lid opens very smooth and with the red button, you can keep the lid open for easy trash disposal.
  • Because of the internal hinge, you can place the Simplehuman kitchen trash can flush against the kitchen counter or a wall.

8. BestOffice Automatic Trash Can

13 gallons can meet your daily use, in the kitchen table next to a kitchen trash can, you will be more convenient to deal with kitchen waste. Since we are talking about convenience, BestOffice also offered an automated trash can, and many consumers like it. See the features below:

BestOffice Automatic Trash Can

  • This 13-gallon bin with a modern, sleek design is 100% touchless, you open the lid by activating the motion sensor. You can easily open the automatic trash can by swinging your hand over the bathroom trash can.
  • The sealed exterior and infrared technology ensures nasty smelling trash odors will be contained. This will ensure that your home will stay fresh and free from any foul odor.
  • The bin is made of stainless steel which also contains an anti-fingerprint layer. The oval body with a sloping lid makes the garbage can look even more cool and beautiful.

9. Kohler K-20940-ST

Crafted with thoughtful details and smart functionality, the Kohler step can collection will simplify your daily routine at home and meet the style demands of its surroundings. See why it became part of our top 10 with the features below:

Kohler K-20940-ST

  • It opens with a sturdy foot pedal, allowing for hands-free operation. The trash can has an efficient footprint with clean lines and flush features, so it can be placed right against the wall or cabinet.
  • Design-wise, it’s a very aesthetic and Beautiful looking trash can designed to fit standard 13-gallon trash bags and it is convenient for you to match it with your household interior design.
  • The liner is removable for easy cleaning and changing a trash or recycling bag is convenient, because of the raised liner and locking rim.
  • It also has 10 years of warranty from Kohler which makes it more appealing to buyers.

10. AmazonBasics D-Shaped Soft-Close Trash Can

If you are looking for a basic and budget-friendly stainless steel trash can with a minimalist look, you might want to consider this 13-gallon trash can provided by AmazonBasics. See the features of this 13-gallon trash can that minimalist people loved.

AmazonBasics D-Shaped Soft-Close Trash Can

  • It was designed carefully and is elegant as it has a fingerprint-proof coating that is smudge-resistant. The hinges are also been reinforced to ensure that the lid will open slowly and silently.
  • The inner plastic compartment is easily removable for convenient waste disposal of full trash bags. Any standard 13-gallon trash bags can fit on this trash can.
  • The bottom of this 13-gallon trash can is equipped with non-slip rubber pads, this prevents the bin from scooting around on the kitchen floor.


Which one of these 13-gallon trash cans will you choose as the Best Overall?

Judging trash cans can be divided into 3 main criteria. First, Practicality. Secondly, Design and lastly, durability.

For me, that would be the sturdy and sleek Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can as it looks great in any home with its high-quality construction and practical design. This simple stainless steel step trash can is both attractive and practical. The sturdy build with stainless steel construction fits tightly against the wall, excellent hinge mechanism, tight-fitting lid holds in odors, multiple color finishes and sizes available make it the selling points for me why I would love to use the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash can. Also, the 10 years warranty of the company is such a win. For me, I would always choose the quality of the product over the price.


We have breakdown the details about Top ten 13-gallon trash can available in our market today. Although at some point, design and how well it matches our interior design somehow matters but still, selecting the best trash can for inside your home does require a little bit of thought. You need to focus on the aspect of the trash can that those home decorating shows tend to gloss over — practicality. Since we will be using trash can several times per day, it should fit our needs at least as much as it fits our decorations and designs. Although Practical isn’t always pretty, after all, still it should at least serve its very purpose why you bought it in the first place.

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