How To Replace A Garbage Disposal?

Is your garbage disposal requiring replacement? Are you feeling that how to replace a garbage disposal difficult? If yes, the guide will lead you towards a sure short help. Whatever precautions you have taken on, you can’t prevent your garbage disposal from breaking down after a certain interval of time. Just like other things, garbage disposal also requires maintenance and replacement. Replacement of garbage disposal is not so easy until you are having the right tools in hand. The majority of the best garbage disposals come up in 1/3 up to 1 horsepower.


Steps To Replace A Garbage Disposal

We are here going to provide you different steps that will help you in the easy replacement of garbage disposals in just a few minutes. Before starting up with the replacement process, make sure to switch off the power of your garbage disposal and try to keep your hands and tools at a safe distance from disposals. It is the best way you can work on the replacement part safely. One can easily save much of the money to be spent on labor just by doing the replacement part by themselves. The only things you have to do for replacing a garbage disposal successfully are:

Step 1: Turn off the power of your garbage disposal

Replacement of garbage disposal is not supposed to be getting started at once. You have to remove the old disposal unit first to make all that easy happening. The first-ever thing we can go while starting up with the replacement phase is just to turn off the power of our garbage disposal. It is the way to keep safe during the entire process. The majority of the garbage disposals are electrical appliances and hence one needed to be extra careful while handling those.

Step 2: Remove the previous garbage disposal

Once you have successfully turned off the power of your garbage disposal, next you have to identify and remove the previous garbage disposal from its place. Garbage disposal is a large cylindrical object being situated between the bottom of the drain and the plumbing pipes. Just check out the model of your pre-installed garbage disposal and make sure to get the same while replacement. Once you have done successfully with it, now disconnect the discharge tube that is being responsible for carrying out the food waste out of the disposal.

If your garbage disposal has got too old, there might be chances that they will be connected to the main water supply. Now, release the old disposal from the mounting right and then disconnect the discharge tube from the main supply also. On the completion of the above process successfully, make sure to separate the disposal from the power supply so that you could easily attach the new one there.

Step 3: Remove the worn-out mounting hardware

Just like your garbage disposal, mounting hardware doesn’t last forever. It usually degrades with time and you have to replace it while replacing the garbage disposal also. For removing it from the mains, you can easily peel off the rubber snap ring present at the bottom of the mounting ring along with the gasket sandwich also. Now loosened up the removing nuts using a suitable tool. The nuts here usually get locked up after some interval of the garbage disposal and hence you need to apply considerable force for the same here. Once you have removed the nuts you can remove the sink flange now. The sink flange is usually a rounded metal rim that circles the drain opening.

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Step 4: Install new mounting hardware

Once you have successfully removed the previous worn out mounting hardware of garbage disposals, all you need to do is just check out that there would be no putty on the flange set. If you find any, you can easily scratch it with the help of a knife also. Now pat dry the garbage drain opening so that you could easily apply the adhesive substance here. Once done, now install the new sink flange with the help of suitable tools and then connect the new mounting assembly very carefully. Make sure that you have sealed all the nuts very tightly here.

Step 5: Set the new garbage disposal on the mounting ring

Once you have done successfully with the installation of mounting hardware successfully, you now need to set up the new garbage disposal on the mounting ring. Just make sure to thread the disposal perfectly into the groove and then tighten up the nuts using screwdrivers also.

Step 6: Get the electrical connections done

The majority of the garbage disposal today are connected to the electrical connections and makes it quite easier for the user to cut and remove the food and other wastes from it effectively. Making connections here are quire easier and you just have to match the colored wires only.

Step 7: Reconnect the discharge tube

No garbage disposal setup can work perfectly until your discharge tube has not been reconnected perfectly. For making this easy happening for you, you just have to align the end of the tube with the help of the valve. Make sure to tighten up the valves and nuts here quite securely so that your new garbage disposal can work efficiently. Don’t forget to note down the length of your discharge tube and if required you can also trim it as per your preferences.

Step 8: Make checks

Once you have done with the entire replacement process successfully, just have a manual check-up through the new setups and nuts so that to stay safe from accidents. Turn on the taps for fewer minutes and then check whether the water is going through the entire setup successfully or are facing out some issues there. If you have some leaks, try to fix them as soon as possible but if there are no, you can use your garbage disposal now.

Step 9: Turn on the power

Once all connections have been checked now turn on the garbage disposal to the ON condition and then check out it’s working. Your garbage will now simply flow down through it without having any humming noise or water flow backup.

Hope it helps you a lot!! Good Luck!

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