10 Best Garbage Disposal Reviews

Do you think twice before entering the kitchen due to the odor emanating from leftover food in the kitchen? Well, if yes then you need to order best garbage disposal which churns waste into small particles that easily pass through your drain without clogging it.

What is garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal grinds the food scraps that are supplied through the drain easily amidst heavy gush of water. Invented way back in 1927, the garbage disposal has come of age in terms of sophistication and improved features, thanks to its immense use. Currently, it has become an important appliance for every household kitchen.

Best Garbage Disposal Review

Before you purchase a garbage disposal, it is important to do proper research. Hence, let’s now check the 10 Best garbage disposal reviews for better selection:-

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Have you ever woken up to a nightmare where your first step inside the kitchen is marred with foul smell? If yes, then don’t worry. The InSinkErator Evolution is becoming an obvious choice for people spending a reasonable time in the kitchen. After all, it is true that a kitchen equipped with all the sophisticated and advanced amenities can actually make your time easy and less challenging., Here’s why InSinkErator is your best bet. It can also be regarded as “Handsome Hunk” due to its stainless steel body structure where its grinding chamber is highly advanced in dealing with toughest of bones, eggshell, seeds and fibrous leftover.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Noise Level

It uses “Sound Seal Technology” to keep the machine free from disturbing noise.


  • The motor of a machine is equipped with 1 HP (1725 RPM) Dura-Drive which results in functioning at the optimum while decreasing the chance of maintenance as well.
  • Thanks to its 3 stage technology, the same set of leftover food are grinded thrice for crushing it thoroughly, thus minimizing the possibility of jamming or clogging.
  • However, in exceptional cases, even if there is a likelihood of clogging, the advanced mechanism feature fixes the problem much before you perceive with your naked eyes. It has a 7-year in-home warranty.

2. Waste King Legend Series Garbage Disposal

Turning on a power switch helps its sophisticated ½ horsepower motor consisting of 2600 RPMS, to crush the leftover food within seconds. The likelihood of the motor getting “jammed” is greatly reduced, thanks to the magnet present in the motor which enhances its speed instantly.

You don’t have to worry about its installation, as due to its EZ mount twist and lock design, installing your new disposal proves to be the easiest. Even a novice can easily install it, without prior experience, as you can find power cord pre-installed.

Waste King Legend Series

Noise Level

It comes with sound insulation, so your ears won’t have to bear the inconvenient sound


  • It comes with ½ hp motor (2600 RPMs) which effectively grinds even the toughest of leftovers
  • You can’t find an easier cleaning experience than this, thanks to the splash guard which can be easily removed.
  • There is a manual reset button which can get your machine out from any jams due to excessive food.
  • The owner gets 5 years At-Home warranty in case the garbage disposal malfunctions or breaks.

3. InSinkErator Essential XTR Garbage Disposal

Has it become an uphill task for you to prepare healthy food by ensuring clean and cooking-friendly kitchen? Well, if yes, then you need InSinkErator Essential XTR which will fill the hollowness of your kitchen as it ensures a clean and odor-free kitchen. It is capable of crushing even harder objects such as bones and can easily withstand the trash load of 6 people.

InSinkErator Essential XTR

Noise Level

The usual “ear-challenging” sound has no existence here as thanks to SoundSeal insulation, the machine offers calmer surroundings while performing. Even the reviews suggest the same.


  • It is ¾ HP garbage disposal with Dura-Drive induction which makes it an efficient machine withstanding toughest of leftovers. It spins grind chamber at 1725 RPM.
  • Evolution Essential XTR has a dual facility of churning the same set of food twice, thus streamlining the whole functioning of a machine by lessening the possibility of jam or clogging.
  • It has a 6 years limited warranty.

Your mornings won’t be chaotic. You will feel at ease, thanks to this technologically advanced garbage disposal which will ensure easier times.

4. GE GFC525V Best Garbage Disposal

Technology has surely made our lives easier and GE GFC525V garbage disposal is a vital proof of easing house owners with their kitchen chores. A heavy-duty machine which works on ½ hp with over 2800 RPMs, ensures that food is crushed quickly in a fine manner. Thus, it makes sure that the sink doesn’t get blocked. As you become a proud owner, you will only have smiles for years to come, as it doesn’t corrode, thanks to its stainless steel grinder blades. The garbage disposal comes with a sink flange which acts as a safe passage for leftovers and water to slide down through pipes. Being heavy-duty disposal, it also has a conveniently larger capacity for making sure that you can do away with a high amount of waste in one go without getting jammed or clogged.


Noise Level

You don’t have to strain yourself for hearing the usual sound of a motor, as thanks to an insulated sound shell, it is safe and quiet


  • It has ½ Hp with over 2800 RPMs, for easing the process of crushing even the toughest of substances
  • Highly sophisticated garbage disposal makes use of drain boost technology which makes it an easy and speedy passage to free food residuals. It equally acts as a safe passage for water in the proper direction.
  • No chaos or mess, thanks to fins pumping water with great pressure, without any issue of jam.

5. KitchenAid Superba Best Garbage Disposal

A chaotic kitchen with leftover food not just invites insects but is equally unhealthy to prepare dishes for your loved ones. Indeed. Hence, KitchenAidSuperba has addressed such a problem with professionalism. The product works on dual grinding on the same food waste, thus making it even easier towards creating fine particles without blocking or jamming the sink. Considering its utility, it can easily be placed in an open kitchen without any issue of noise. Thanks to a series of awesome features, it has gained popularity over the years.

KitchenAid Superba

Noise Level

Are you worried about your baby getting disturbed due to the noise of a working garbage disposal? If yes, then it will give you a pleasant difference. It works smoothly while setting a perfect example of garbage disposal which is known for grinding while ensuring quietness. Yes, as part of SoundSeal technology, you get 40 percent quieter moments, when compared to standard garbage disposal.


  • Known for its exceptional grinding quality with top-notch speed, it is equally ultra-quiet and has ¾ HP along with a motor of 1,725.
  • The grinding part is heavy duty with 40 ounce which is self-explanatory that it can even withstand substantially large food waste.

6. Whirlpool GC2000XE Garbage Disposal

Is it becoming increasingly challenging for you to manage food scraps? Don’t worry, if it is that way. The Whirlpool GC2000XE will end your worries as it is known for giving smiles thanks to its efficient and effortless way of functioning.  It has a ½ HP motor with a well built and composed structure as galvanized steel is used in its wheel with shredder ring, ending any possibility of breakage. Even corrosion is impossible as sink flange is stainless steel made and has a plastic stopper.

Whirlpool GC2000XE

Noise Level

The components and the grinding chamber are insulated, thus it hardly makes any noise while running.


  • It comes with ½ hp motor with reasonably built, for a fine result
  • This garbage disposal has an easy and consumer-friendly dishwater hookup for longer use
  • The instruction manual is pretty simple and self-explanatory and one can easily set it up. However, you can easily go with an expert installation option, where you can take the assistance of a qualified, experienced and dedicated professional for free. Hence, right from setting it up to utilizing it for your kitchen chores you will only experience ease and satisfaction for making the right decision at the right time.

7. Moen (GX50C) Garbage Disposal

Isn’t it a nightmare to even think of choked sink with odor surrounding your kitchen? If yes, then Moen GX Series garbage disposal is what you need. An advanced and highly functional motor at ½ hp, 2600 RPM, its vertex motor is capable of crushing anything and everything is it eggshells or small bones.

As a result, you get a clean kitchen and joy every morning to make your day worth pleasing and awesome.  Happiness is something which you earn by making the right choice at the right time. Now, as you become a proud owner of this garbage disposal, it will relieve you from usual tensions of disorder, mayhem, and chaos which used to prevail in the kitchen before.

A perfect choice for house-owners with less space as it is highly compact and reasonable in weight, thus ensuring “perfect fit” in the limited space you have underneath your cabinets.

Moen (GX50C)

Noise Level

SoundShield technology is used in the machine, thus ensuring peaceful times for you.


  • It has ½ hp, 2600 RPM, its vertex motor is capable of crushing anything and everything
  • It’s Universal Xpress Mount system makes it easy for you to replace 3 bolt mounting assemblies, thus making it more consumer-friendly
  • It comes with 4-year in-home limited warranty

8. Waste King L-111 Legend Series

Are you looking for pocket-friendly garbage disposal which uplifts the dull and chaotic face of your kitchen? If yes, then Waste King L-111 legend series motor will be the best bet where it is perfect for small house-hold owners preferably 1-2 people.

It is quite cheap, hence very much affordable, as it has only 1/3 HP of power where it is best suited for small families without a doubt. It runs at 1900 RPM. Being a continuous type of disposal, you can put leftovers without waiting for the previous grinding to complete. You can read in-depth Waste King L-8000 Review in this blog.

Waste King L-111 Legend Series

Noise Level

Due to its affordability factor, no efforts are taken for noise reduction, but it doesn’t make “that much” of noise which may be too concerning for you. After all, it is regarded as quiet garbage disposal when compared with similar low-end products.


  • It has 1/3 HP (1900 RPM) and suited for small families
  • Its grinding part is made from galvanized steel which should have been made from stainless steel as the latter is more durable. However, the part for smashing food namely “swivel impellers” are stainless steel made, while the grinding chamber is corrosion-resistant, thus ensuring long life.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty, where it should have been a bit longer though.

9. Waste King A1SPC Knight

If you are fed up with your old garbage disposal and seriously considering a replacement, then the Waste King 1.0 HP garbage disposal is what you need. Yes, quite an obvious choice for the mentioned reasons.

Waste King, A1SPC Knight

Noise level

Ensure peaceful surroundings at home:- You know the usual “grrr” sound from garbage disposal is so annoying as it disturbs the peace in the house, with babies suffering the most. Well, Waste King comes with a pleasant change, thanks to “silencer technology” being used in soundproof music studious, ensuring peaceful surroundings.

You don’t need to wonder when it comes to grinding even bones, as it’s one pass technology comes with greater power thanks to its 2700 RPM which effectively breaks into even the hardest of substances. As continuous feed disposal, it has stainless steel runners for advanced and easy breakage of substances. You can add waste even during the running of the unit.


  • It has 1 HP motor (2700 rpm) for the fine crush of leftover food
  • Grinding parts in the machine comprise of glass-filled nylon which ends the possibility of corrosion
  • Free of charge replacement for any mechanical or material defect with a limited warranty and offers a lifetime warranty against corrosion
  • There is an option for you to take the services of professionals in installing the brand new Waste King Knight where they will take your old garbage disposal. Having said that, it is even easier to get it done by yourself, thanks to its new snap and lock mount

10. Kitchen Aid (84211643) Garbage Disposals

Are you looking for an anxiety-free garbage disposal which proves to be consumer-friendly?

If yes, then garbage disposal namely Kitchen Aid will make you satisfied for sure. After all, the kitchen is the most visited area of the house which plays even greater importance for health reasons. Its hygiene has to strictly adhere.

As a continuous feed model, it has 1725 rpm which helps towards grinding the leftovers effectively. So, you undergo a quick and easy clean up drive effectively.

It has ½ hp power machine along with a stainless steel body which works to its optimum towards making the food disposal easy by minimizing the possibility of clog or jam.

Kitchen Aid ½ hp


  • It has ½ hp power machine (1725 rpm) for crushing leftover with precision.
  • It is considered as a durable and a life-long product which doesn’t corrode, thanks to its stainless steel.
  • Utmost steps have been taken to make it consumer-friendly and another addition to the same is its sound shield which blocks the sound where there is no vibration as well.

Buying Tips

Always consider the following tips before you corner down to any best garbage disposal.

Firstly know the quantity of food waste you produce.

The motor of your garbage disposal is directly proportional to the amount of food waste which you have. Higher the waster, you need “motor with more power”. The following chart gives you an idea about the extent of horsepower (HP) you would need, based on the amount of garbage your kitchen produces

– For 1-3 people, you would need 1/3 of ½ HP

– For bigger families, numbering 5-6, ¾ HP is suite

– For large families of 8/9, you need 1 HP

– For families beyond 9 people, 2 HP is suitable

Why should you purchase garbage disposal?

Garbage disposal for its optimum use is the best friend for a cook as it ensures a clean kitchen without any odor. Yes, every cooking process produces leftovers or “food discards. So, what is the benefit of garbage disposal over a trash can? Let’s know them below:-

  • It is far easier and quicker to drop the waste down the sink without going to the trash can every time
  • Disposing of more of leftovers minimize the usual pressure the trash can has. Hence, you take out the usual trash a lot less than before, much to your convenience.
  • Additionally, the sight of trash doesn’t attract your pet in search of leftovers, thus minimizing the possibility of “garbage scattering”.
  • A clog-free drain isn’t only appealing to eyes, but it equally hinders the possibility of odor and germs attacking your prized kitchen too.

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