Is it Worth to Buy Waste King L 8000 Garbage Disposal | Review

Even though the market is flooded with various best garbage disposals, choosing the perfect one for your needs shouldn’t be a thing of confusion. Since the following post empowers you with detailed information about disposal which may not have a big name. But still, the Waste King L 8000 is at par with the best of brands.

Waste King L 8000 – An In-depth Review

Yes, I am talking about Waste King L 8000 garbage disposal. The brand manufactures disposals for both ‘commercial’ and ‘household’ use. Due to its reliable, durable, and trustworthy products, it has equally earned a name on Amazon.

Waste King L-8000

Do you know it is not without a reason that the manufacturer of Waste King 8000 has arguably become the most prestigious brand in the market currently? Indeed.  Let’s find out the features which forced me to switch over to Waste King.

Quality garbage disposal which delivers

Why should you choose Waste King L 8000 Garbage Disposal?

 1. Highly powered motor

  • Has a high degree of performance ( 1 HP and 2800 RPMs)
  • It has one horsepower motor to give you an idea about this garbage disposal which prides itself in having the best consumer-friendly features. Why?

The high-powered motor grinds anything, you can simply think of. Yes, even the hardest of kitchen waste which you can possibly recall or think of can be best grinded. Like the other day, I arranged a get-together. We had a fried chicken, where I dumped the chicken bones into the Waste King 8000 garbage disposal. It so quickly grinded the leftover as there was no trace of bones left.

Hence, based on such a practical activity, I am pretty clear about using it for my daily needs, to have complete peace of mind once and forever. Don’t be in anxiety if, during the process of grinding bones or other hard waste, you find the machine to be slow. It is just that the machine is generating more power as compared to speed for getting this specific job done.

For an easy explanation, this powered motor can handle the waste of 7 people. Even bones, cobs, or rinds can easily be crushed. It takes roughly 5 minutes to grind the waste produced before and after the meal.

Also, other factors such as the number of people and type of food are also taken into consideration. You should habitually clean the interiors of the machines for keeping the sharpness of the chamber intact. Since the gradual build-up of food may lessen its capability and it will affect the overall output.

2. Reasonably priced when matched with a powerful motor

  • Based on so many features, it is indeed pleasantly surprising to note that the current price of Waste King 8000 has been way less than it has been for years, thus giving me another reason for me to opt for this product. It is available at a low cost, especially when you match its 1 horsepower and 2800 RPMs, which is a real power for disposal, priced so low. Since, if you talk about the medium price range, then this model is giving fierce competition.

3. The chance of jamming is reduced

It has a stainless steel chamber along with an impeller which minimizes the issue of jamming or blockage. As a result, you continue to benefit from a product that promises to long last for years with little or no maintenance.

As continuous feed disposal, you ensure instant results, as you have nothing to wait to continue grinding

 4. Consumer-friendly changes

According to the saying “Change is the law of nature” Likewise, Waste King has been doing advancements and sophistication to help consumers with friendly features. This model is an ideal one that consumers can look up to. It means more happiness in store for you.

5. Quality

The components including the impellers are stainless steel made which helps in grinding thus the issue of jam is reduced. The high-quality materials have been put to use to remove the possibility of corrosion.

6. How much warranty will I get with Waste King 8000 garbage disposal?

It takes a big heart to give a lifetime limited in-home warranty which is considered to be the longest warranty. Yes, Waste King 8000 does the same. Even though the company very well knows about the many malfunctions which may well happen with a product accidentally. But, this one has belief in its products which are tested under rigorous conditions by their experts and giving them warranty only adds to its reputation in the market.

7. How much time does Waste King 8000 takes to Installation?

You can install it in an easy manner and is available with complete drain fittings for the convenience of consumers. Basic tools may be required while installing it.


I wanted durable and powered garbage disposal which long last for years with little or no maintenance and I finally got Waste King 8000. It may be a bit expensive when compared to its older version, but considering its services and usage, I happily settled for it. 🙂

Other reviewers of it have the same opinion as mine, since everything, be its powerful motor, durable and stainless steel body is the best.

When I opened the box, I found the power cord as well, which we may not necessarily have in other brands. L-8000 weighs roughly 15 pounds and is slightly high than 14 inches.  Keeping the aforesaid features in mind, I would rather choose quality standard disposal with a consistent reputation and good reviews than a product with advanced features.

Hence, I have no hesitation in choosing it and I am pretty satisfied with my decision and I would recommend everyone as well. I have taken a sensible decision that will benefit my family for years to come.


  • Highly powered motor for quick and easy grinding
  • Easy to install
  • Unbelievably low priced
  • Stainless steel chamber


  • A bit large
  • If jammed, you can’t unjam from outside

Let’s make cleanup exercise a breeze and add perfection to your kitchen. Yes, this has become a preferred and unanimous choice for many as it gives you happy reasons to effectively manage your food waste. Experience it to believe as you won’t regret it.

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