Best 30-Gallon Trash Cans For Kitchen Review

While trash cans are lackluster or not that highlight-worthy for some people like your shining sink or your two-door fridge, we can all agree that our dream kitchen won’t be completed without a trustworthy trash can.

If you are a housewife, with a busy household, have you never wished to have a much more convenient, large enough garbage space for your kitchen? I’m sure you did.

That is why in this article, we will give you some idea about the top 5 best 30-gallon trash cans for your kitchen as rated by our most savvy users on Amazon. To get more 30-gallon trash cans you can follow this post also.

5 Best 30-Gallon Trash Cans

1. Simplehuman 115 Liter / 30 Gallon Bullet Open Top Trash Can For Kitchen, Heavy Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel

Simplehuman 115 Liter -30 Gallon Bullet Open Top Trash Can For Kitchen, Heavy Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel

This 30-gallon trash can is one of the most high-rated 30-Gallon trash cans for kitchen according to Amazon. According to one of the reviewers from the united states: “We are shocked at how much we could love a trash can.” They describe it as “…attractive, large enough and easy to drop in trash through the top, and also much easier to empty the full trash bag.” Some of the reviewers also praised its wide 12″ lid which makes it easier to throw away space-taking containers and bags. The reviewer added: “… try throwing away your first piece of trash and you’ll feel like you just tossed something into the grand canyon.” This 30-Gallon trash can for kitchen is notable for its heavy-gauge stainless steel which makes it sturdy and dent-resistant and due to its inner liner, it can prevent unwanted smells.

It comes with brushed silver color and a rose gold color version which costs a bit more, but in terms of aesthetics, we can say that it is topnotch. A perfect partner for your kitchen.

2. 30-Gallon Kitchen Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Eclipse Open Top Trash Can For Kitchen

This 30-gallon trash can for kitchen from Rubbermaid’s Commercial Executive series prides itself in its powder-coated finish which prevents any wear damages like scratches, chipping, and dents. The material used by Rubbermaid has always been innovative and top-grade which is why it is one of the most trusted brands today.

It has attractive black and stainless steel color schemes which make it have a professional appearance that complements any decor in your home or kitchen. Its curve top lid is designed to prevent the placement of waste and refuse on the receptacle’s top.

One of the reviewers from Amazon commented: “We love it so much, we bought 3.” They added the reason why they feel it that way. They said that: “Wipe clean easy and look very fashionable. Definitely worth it.” and we all agree.

3. BEAMNOVA 30 Gallon Garbage Cans For Kitchen, Black

BEAMNOVA Trash Can Outdoor Indoor Garbage Collector For Kitchen, Black

Included to our top list is Beamnova’s classic bullet-shaped 30-Gallon trash can for kitchen. It is also made of heavy-gauge stainless steel which makes it durable and can endure any wear during usage. Its coating is also wear and corrosion-resistant. This 30-gallon trash can for kitchen is quite new on Amazon so we won’t be able to find some comments yet. However, those who leave their ratings all leave 5 stars.

I saw this 30-gallon trash can before from one of my friend’s houses so I decided to give them a call. They said that they love it so much. Due to its minimalistic and sleek design, it suits and goes well with their other kitchen appliances. It also quite easy for them to change the liner or the trash bag and it is very easy to clean. It comes in black and silver finishes to suit your kitchen design according to your taste.

4. Genuine Joe – GJO58895 30 Gallon Steel Trash Can For Kitchen

Genuine Joe - GJO58895 30 Gal Stainless Steel Trash Receptacle

This 30-Gallon trash can from Genuine Joe is also one of the top-rated 30-gallon trash cans for kitchen on Amazon today. Its heavy-duty, brushed stainless steel body makes it “…perfect for a busy household” as told by one of the reviewers in Amazon. Another reviewer also said that it is large enough to accommodate even a week’s worth of trash. Its open-mouth design makes it easier for trash disposal.

Also, what makes it top-rated is how manageable it is during clean-up. One of the reviewers praised how easy it is to clean this 30-gallon trash can for kitchen considering its size. Its cylindrical exterior design makes it easier for it to fit your house kitchen decor.

5. Clean Cubes 30 Gallon Disposable Sanitary Recycling Bins For Kitchen, 3 Pack (Trellis)

Clean Cubes 30 Gallon Disposable Sanitary Recycling Bins For Kitchen, 3 Pack (Trellis)

This disposable 30-gallon trash can from Clean Cubes is perfect for busy households and those people who host large gatherings in their homes especially during holiday seasons. It is easy to transport trashes out of your kitchen, easy to store, and no unsanitary mess to be left out. Some reviewers from Amazon commented that “these cubes are lifesavers.” They added that: “There was no leaking only a nice clean presentation of a place to dispose of your beverage container or plate.”

I tried to use it before and I certainly love it. It is made of 50% recycled paper and the paper outer layer is sturdy enough for several uses. It also has a replaceable plastic liner trash bag which is durable and leak-free. I hate it when I see trash overflows the trash can space so I usually opt to get these disposable trash cans for easier for me to throw away the garbage. Super easy to clean up.

What is our top pick?

  1. Aesthetics-wise = Simplehuman 115 Liter / 30 Gallon Bullet Open Top Trash Can Commercial Grade, Heavy Gauge Brushed Stainless Steel – Rose Gold Color
  • My father is a goldsmith so I grew up liking the Rose Gold color. For me, it symbolizes elegance and regality. Of course, that is based on my own opinion. Even it’s a trash can that we are talking about, we want to have that elegant-looking piece to integrate with our kitchen space, right?
  1. Cost-wise = Genuine Joe – GJO58895 30 Gal Stainless Steel Trash Receptacle
  • Out of all the 30-gallon trash cans for the kitchen that we feature in this article, this is certainly the cheapest. Although we can say that some of its features might have been sacrificed to make it much cheaper like its durability as some of the reviewers claim, we can absolutely say that it is still worth the price. Sometimes, you just need to handle things with care.
  1. Convenience-wise = Clean Cubes 30 Gallon Disposable Sanitary Trash Cans & Recycling Bins, 3 Pack (Trellis)
  • As an actual user of this disposable 30-gallon trash can for the kitchen, I can say it is very convenient but not cost-effective. I live alone so I don’t have much of that trash in a week which requires me to buy an actual 30-gallon trash can. However, when my family or friends visit me on certain occasions and I need to cook for them, it will be a disaster if I don’t have much space in my trash can. I don’t like the garbage overflowing on it. I need to have a reliable, convenient, and easy-to-clean trash can that is big enough to support the entire mess. So, I certainly will keep on using this 30-gallon trash can for my kitchen.


Finding the right 30-gallon trash can for a kitchen that suits your taste in terms o its cost, its aesthetics, and usefulness might have been a dilemma for you before. However, we hope that after you read this guide, you would be able to decide which one suits your taste best and of course, suits your kitchen the most. Cheers!

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