Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal Review

Good things in life are appreciated by masses, be it honest people or products such as Waste King 9980 garbage disposal, which actually delivers as per the promise.

The disposal addresses the problem of whether you spend lots of time in the kitchen or occasionally prepare dishes. But every time you do, one thing is for sure. You have a messy situation which is surely unpleasing to eyes when you look at the garbage and leftover.

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Waste King 9980 Review

Don’t you genuinely want an easier mechanism to dispose of the leftover, than filling in the trash-bin to dispose of later? Yes, indeed. This is where Waste King has earned a name by continuously furnishing the best of products. It is fast becoming an obvious choice not just for homeowners but equally for professional kitchen caretakers as well.

Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal Review

Here’s come the review of Waste King 9980 garbage disposal which is 1HP continuous feed. The following post will give you details about the features, elements, etc.


Waste King 9980 has the best of grinding power and capability to crush even hard substances.

Material and components

This garbage disposal is manufactured under strict engineering expertise and capabilities. It has stainless steel grinding components and is made with glass-filled nylon grinding chamber. These two features add to its durability.

If you would have used low-quality garbage disposal, then you probably know that how easily it gets prone to rust and corrosion which limits the life. Hence, as an owner of Waste King, you know that it stands taller over others for sure. Offering a lifetime warranty equally means that the product owners have genuinely manufactured a durable and authentic product.

Feed type

It is continuous feed disposal so you can continue to throw your food scraps. It saves time and requires lot fewer efforts, unlike a batch feed model where you throw in bathes.


One of the attractive features for consumers to go for the product is the lifetime warranty it offers. It is indeed the best value for money where you are going to get 1 HP of the motor.

Noise Level

The noise level is insulated by covering. There is a mixed reaction of consumers about the extent of noise level, they hear. Few said that it is “Quite” while others asserted it to be “Very quiet”. Still, the third group of people was of the opinion that it is “Somewhat slightly loud”.

Grind Function

  • The motor is regarded to be the backbone of any product and the manufacturer has taken it very seriously, as Waste King 9980 comprises of high-speed vortex power motor. The kind of grinding capacity amuses consumers, right from the first time, as they already know what this “beast” has in store for them in the coming years.
  • The kind of confidence and zeal can be seen through one of the reviews which said that the power of this high-speed motor lies in the fact where it chews and eats everything which is fed inside.
  • The anti-rust properties ensure years of the well-being of the product.
  • The success of a company depends on the engineers who have a far-sighted approach while manufacturing products and that also includes the challenging conditions which the products may be exposed to. For example, one of the consumers told, that her children in spite of repeated instructions, simply throw lots of potato peels at one go. But, she has all the thanks for engineers as it doesn’t get jammed easily. Thanks to the rust-free grinding component, the product promises to last for years to come and that also relates to its durability.


Installation is easy. Here is the proof where a consumer told about how she and her husband got it installed themselves where she just verbally read the instructions, while her husband followed to install it in 30 minutes. Well, you can do it all alone as an individual also. However, it is better to get help, especially when you need to attach it in the sink’s bottom, then you require someone. 3 Bolt mount ensures a speedy and quick installation

Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal is safe to use with a septic tank?

It is totally safe to use Waste King Disposal with your septic tank, provided that the tank has a proper size with regards to your home.  If you feel that by using your disposal with your septic tank, you will clog and it will overflow in a premature manner. Well, it does have relevance, but when you own sophisticated disposal with the likes of Waste king 9980 garbage disposal, then there is nothing to worry. Simply, by knowing that your tank is large enough to handle an extra capacity of water, then it will serve the purpose. As you use the disposal, the amount of water is equal to one-time toilet flush.

What you will be getting in the box?

You will be getting the garbage disposal along with 36” power cord as well as an instructional book which will empower you to install it in an easy manner.


The product proves to be cost-effective. As if you take in account, another 15-20 years, then you will realize, it is a cheaper alternative in the long run where you don’t have to purchase many, as one product will do.

Finally, let’s know the Pros and Cons to make the journey of purchasing product easy and quick


  • Installation is easy
  • Has an attached power cord
  • Powerful grinding mechanism
  • Two Lifetime warranties are associated with this
  • Best value for money for such a powerful disposal


  • Size may be an issue for those kitchen owners who have very limited space under the sink
  • Although, the design has sound insulation, yet you may have to hear the unpleasant sound especially when it grinds hard residuals like bones or fibrous foods.
  • There is no removable splash cord.

If you want to be a proud owner of waste king 9980, by replacing the old one, then the opportunity is perfect for you. Why? Due to the following reasons:

  • The shipment is quite speedy
  • Installation is simple and the manual is self-explanatory
  • It offers a lifetime warranty


If preparing mouthwatering cuisines is your hobby and your kitchen generates lots of hard residuals such as bones, coffee grinds or raw vegetables, then the best bet would be a high powered garbage disposal. 1 HP proves to be an obvious solution which will work wonders for a non-commercial unit.

Waste King through its years of keeping promises in ensuring best garbage disposals for professional kitchens and homes have carved a niche for itself for sure. Consumers are highly satisfied after using it. While one of the clients said that she loves to prepare different cuisines and arrange a get-together with her friends periodically. According to her, the disposal works like a beast. She has to use it way often than other normal kitchen owners, but still, it is working well perfectly from the first day itself.

Hence, for people with a limited budget, Waste King 9980 proves to be quite a heavy-duty garbage disposal, so naturally the best option, which your money can buy. Finally, now you know what you are supposed to do with the scraps and you will simply do with smiles on your face for sure, as ensuring a clean kitchen is a child’s play for you.

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