5 Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch Reviews

While working in the kitchen, it is quite obvious to be surrounded by running water during the act of disposing garbage in the disposal. Your hands will be wet due to the splashing of water. Obviously, it is a challenge to dry your hands while flipping the electrical switch. This is where the air switch gives enhanced safety where electric shocks from traditional switches may end up giving serious injury.

Best Garbage Disposal Air Switch

It is easy to operate air switch, simply press the button and it starts to function as per your command. Now, you don’t have to feel pressured as there is a pleasant substitute in the form of an air switch.

So, how does air switch work?

Well, it is a button connected to an airtight tube. As you press, a gush of air moves inside the tube to power underneath your sink and accordingly “turn on” or “off” the disposal. Considering the benefits associated with air switch, let’s now take a look at the 5 best garbage disposals with air switch reviews:-

1. Cleesink Garbage Disposal Air switch

Don’t we take extra precautions in order to be safe and sound during different times of the day? Yes, indeed, such as wearing seat belts while driving or using eyewear in the sun. Similarly, we need to be very careful about something which may pose far greater hazard especially when it comes to electric wires and its lurking danger. Yes, I am talking about air switches which are very safe to operate garbage disposal. Now, you can operate the disposal by pressing the push button as it doesn’t operate through electricity.

So, how it works?

You can choose either the long or short version based on the extent of the space your kitchen has. For example, you can order a longer version, if the countertop is a thick one, otherwise, get a shorter one.

The switch is fully safe as it offers a pleasant replacement from the traditional ones. It comes with an awesome design that gels well with your sink and countertop. Being a basic model, it is natural way light to your pocket. Talking about the hose, it is 5 feet long and doesn’t have an electric outlet. It is a perfect substitute especially when your current disposal is having issues and you want an affordable replacement.

Cleesink Garbage Disposal Air switch-min


  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with different makes and models
  • It is durable and tough
  • Very easy to install and operate


  • The electrical outlet is absent
  • It has a very limited air tube 5 feet long

2. Northstar Decor Garbage Disposal Air switch

Don’t we strategically prepare in detail to beautify our homes? Yes, we do as it is something which is the closest to our heart.  After all, it is “our house” where we literally spend half of our lives. The kitchen is no exception too, as our day starts and ends with cooking cuisines there.

Likewise, talking about Northstar Décor Single Outlet, these switches are elegant and stylish which will readily find a place to your heart.

It comes with an inch longer air tube than others. Yes, it is 6 feet long, so based on your need you minimize its length if you feel that it is necessary.

The Northstar Decor AS010 air switch comes with a variety of finishes that will match your kitchen furnishings. Irrespective of your kitchen décor, you will in all probability find a matching air switch by Northstar, since it has wide options to choose from.

It is easy to install with a simple design. It is compatible with any kitchen interior.

It is way affordable and offers two years warranty

Northstar Decor Garbage Disposal Air switch-min


  • More than 25 color options to choose from
  • A 6-foot long tube as it gives you the convenience of selecting the desired location for your garbage disposal
  • Stylish
  • Can be easily installed


  • It only has a single outlet

3. InSinkErator STS Garbage Disposal Air switch

How often have you been terrified at the thought of using an electric switch to operate the garbage disposal? Well, with all the mess created by water and garbage, you really don’t want to use the electric switch with your wet hands. Isn’t it? If you want to play safely away from the danger of electric shocks and wires then InSinkErator STS is your best option.

The specific push button is not wired as it the air switch and for the obvious reasons, you feel a lot relaxed while pressing. It is compatible with all units as it lessens the likelihood of injury by a whopping ninety percent. InSinkErator STS is connected to an airtight tube and has a six feet power cord. If you are surrounded by mess and want a hygienic, safe and quick pleasant change, then this garbage disposal will ensure a speedy disposal of garbage.

You may be surrounded by too many kitchen chores, especially during morning or evening rush hours. Now, an air switch will prove to be the perfect option where even during the limited time you have already removed any danger, thanks to the air switch.

InSinkErator STS Garbage Disposal Air switch-min


  • Works best with mostly every single garbage disposable unit
  • Safe to work and operate in a wet sink
  • It is compact and comes with lots of easiness while handling
  • Installation is simply awesome where you don’t require the service of either an electrician or plumber, provided you know the basic functioning.


  • The push-button, when mounted on the sink top, is slightly raised

4. Essential Values Garbage Disposal Air Switch

Don’t you want to invest in a product that is durable and long-lasting so that it removes your perennial tension every time you are in the kitchen? Yes, Essential Values Garbage Disposal is the one that will convert your anxieties to happiness.

The benefit of the dual-socket is to ensure safety without creating too much load on the circuits. These sockets work in an alternate manner. For example, if you operate “disposal”, then it will automatically cease or stop the power, on another socket. However, as the disposal goes off, there will be power on the other one.

It is a great product for those, who are looking for a product in the mid-price range. The convenience of placing the air switch at your desired location gives another peace of mind. You can place it near the sink as it doesn’t emit shock. Unlike the electric garbage disposal switch, where you need to put at a certain distance away from the sink, due to safety concerns. It may bring inconvenience along with safety concerns too. So, being an air switch, you obviously have nothing to worry about where you address your needs in a complete manner.

The air switch has proven itself as an easy way to operate your garbage disposal. You can get it while remodeling your kitchen or replacing the old one or installing new garbage disposal altogether. Amongst the different eye-catching factors, “its “convenience” will give you much needed help where you want to install it for your daily needs. It also looks quite charismatic and pleasing to the eyes.

Essential Values Garbage Disposal Air Switch-min


  • Consumer-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a dual outlet and have power on an alternate basis
  • Consists of 3-foot long power cord along with 6-foot long air tube


  • There are few complains that it gets stuck while doing on or off

5. Geyser Garbage Disposal Air Switch

One of the best ways of spreading happiness is to serve delicious cuisines. Similarly, the best way to judge a product is to know about the popularity of its company. Yes, like in this case, the brand has made a name for itself by producing quality products. Also, another great reason to own the geyser garbage disposal air switch is that it won’t burn your pocket as it is quite friendly to your financial needs. It is the characteristic of a renowned company which gives all-round benefits in terms of its looks and benefits. Yes, besides being affordable, it is also stylish and classy. So there are different series of benefits attached and associated with it.

Importantly, in the middle of all the action where you are disposing your garbage and your hands are wet, you don’t have to worry or have any concern arising out of wires, thanks to Geyser garbage air switch. Now, disposing of your garbage isn’t going to be messy but equally safe as well, with this air switch. You are going to address the food disposal issue safely without causing health issues by also safeguarding your health from any danger arising out of power. So, be safe than sorry while creating an overall safety mechanism in the best possible manner.

Geyser Garbage Disposal Air Switch-min


  • Stylish and affordable
  • Perfectly used with any disposer
  • Installation is easy where you can do yourself.
  • Has 6 ft. long air tube
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Limited options as it may not match with the different needs of the décor.
  • Consists of only one power outlet
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