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Format: 2017-08-24
Format: 2017-08-24
NEW DELHI: Waste it. That’s what e-waste management companies are urging people to do.
Zambia's minister of communications and transport issued a warning Wednesday on the harmful environmental effects resulting from unsafe disposal of computers and other ICT equipment.
Skin specialists are reporting a new phenomenon they are dubbing 'mobile phone dermatitis' where metals used in the phone handset is irritating the skin on the face.
The United Kingdom (UK) environment authorities have initiated investigations into the dumping of e-waste into Ghana.
CHINA - The State Council has approved a draft regulation on the management of electronic waste or WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), which will tightly control the end-of life use of main consumer electrical products such as...
Lax rules and weak enforcement allow scrap companies to profit by sending junked computers, printers, and TVs overseas
Importation of obsolete computers and e-waste has featured at the on-going climate change meeting in Ghana.
South Africa is generating vast quantities of electronic waste; however, the impact of e-waste in the country is hidden.
The campaign to get government agencies to act to deal with the e-waste menace confronting Ghana appears to be getting some attention.
NF3, Used in Making Flat Screen TVs, Harms the Climate: Scientists
Computers For Schools Kenya (CFSK) has opened East Africa's first e-waste management plant in Embakasi, Kenya, to handle the region's electronic recycling needs.
NEW DELHI: If you thought your old outdated PC or television was safely in a junkyard rotting away or being dismantled, think again.
Have you ever wondered where old computers end up? China and India have been popular destinations, but in Ghana the piles of old computers are increasing every week even though the trade is illegal.
Greenpeace called on the world's electronics companies Tuesday to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their products
US Resolution seeks ban on shipping hazardous metals materials.
A Chino company's failed attempt to ship hundreds of used computer monitors to China highlighted new controls federal authorities have placed on electronic waste such as computers and televisions.
New technologies being developed in China and Eastern Europe may create usable materials from e-waste.
HONG KONG, China (CNN) -- Save energy -- two words that have rapidly become a modern day mantra. But some are now asking, at what cost?
A new ISO International Standard will assist the emerging worldwide market for plastic recovery and recycling.
Last week the e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA) has been be formally established as a Section 21 company. eWASA will be responsible to set-up an environmentally sound waste management system for all types of e-waste generated in the...
Indian software major Wipro today launched a programme for its customers as part of its energy efficiency, e-waste management and eco-friendly measures.
The environment is obviously one of the biggest issues of the moment.
A baseline e-waste study conducted in Kenya estimates that about 3000 tons of PCs, monitors and printers were discarded in that country in 2007 - and the figure is expected to rise.
An international meeting on waste management has begun in Bali, Indonesia, to highlight the risks of hazardous waste.
The number of personal computers in use around the world has surpassed one billion, research firm Gartner reports.