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Conference Paper
[4266] Rochat D, Hagelüken C, Keller M, Widmer R.  2007.  Optimal Recycling for Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) in India. R'07 Recovery of Materials and Energy for Resource Efficiency. :12. Abstract
[3999] Lombard JE, Webb PS.  2008.  What happens when the lights go out? Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
Journal Article
[4382] Kahhat RF, Williams ED.  2010.  Adoption and disposition of new and used computers in Lima, Peru. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 54(8):501-505. Abstract
Menad N.  1999.  Cathode ray tube recycling. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 26:143-154. Abstract
[springerlink:10.1007/s11077-012-9146-x] Lawhon M.  2012.  Contesting power, trust and legitimacy in the South African e-waste transition. Policy Sciences. 45:69-86. Abstract
Kapur A, Graedel TE.  2006.  Copper mines above and below the ground. Environmental Science & Technology. 40:3135-3141.
[4271] Kejing Z, Guo D, Yang B, Song F.  2006.  Design of Electronic Waste Recycling System in China . Operations Research Proceedings. 2006:265-270. Abstract
Dummett K.  2006.  Drivers for corporate Environmental responsibility (CER). Environment, Development and Sustainability. 8:375-389. Abstract
Jain A, Sareen R.  2006.  E-waste assessment methodology and validation in India. Journal of Material Cycles & Waste Management. 8:40–45. Abstract
Finlay A.  2005.  e-Waste challenges in developing countries: South African case study. APC “Issue Papers” Series. Associatio:1-22. Abstract
Peralta GL, Fontanos PM.  2006.  E-waste issues and measures in the Philippines. Journal of Material Cycles & Waste Management. 8:34–39. Abstract
[4268] Kunacheva C, Juanga JP, Visvanathan C.  2009.  Electrical and electronic waste inventory and management strategies in Bangkok, Thailand. International Journal of Environment and Waste Management. 3(1/2):107-119. Abstract
[_electronic_2009] Interpol.  2009.  Electronic waste and organized crime-assessing the links. Trends in Organized Crime. 12:352–378. Abstract
Hilty LM.  2005.  Electronic waste—an emerging risk? Environmental Impact Assessment Review. 25:431–435. Abstract
[4388] Wang HM, Yu YJ, Han M, Yang SW, li Q, Yang Y.  2009.  Estimated PBDE and PBB Congeners in Soil from an Electronics Waste Disposal Site. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 83:789-793. Abstract
[yu_forecasting_2010] Yu J, Williams E, Ju M, Yang Y.  2010.  Forecasting Global Generation of Obsolete Personal Computers. Environmental Science & Technology. Abstract
[nnorom_global_2011] Nnorom IC, Osibanjo O, Ogwuegbu MOC.  2011.  Global disposal strategies for waste cathode ray tubes. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 55:275–290. Abstract
[JIEC:JIEC362] Du X, Graedel TE.  2011.  Global Rare Earth In-Use Stocks in NdFeB Permanent Magnets. Journal of Industrial Ecology. :no–no. Abstract
Jieqiong Yu RWPH.  2006.  Industry responses to EU WEEE and ROHS Directives: perspectives from China. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management. 13:286-299. Abstract
Ball P.  2003.  Material witness: E-waste not. Nature Materials. 2:76-76.
Park S, Martin A.  2006.  A novel assessment tool for reusability of wastes. Journal of Hazardous Materials. Online-fir:xxx-xxx. Abstract
Andre FJ, Cerda A.  2006.  On the dynamics of recycling and natural resources. Environmental & Resource Economics. 33:199–221. Abstract
[doi:10.1146/annurev-matsci-062910-095759] Graedel TE.  2011.  On the Future Availability of the Energy Metals. Annual Review of Materials Research. 41:323-335. Abstract
[JIEC:JIEC320] Mayers K, Peagam R, France C, Basson L, Clift R.  2011.  Redesigning the Camel. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 15:4–8.
Williams JAS.  2006.  A review of electronics demanufacturing processes. Resources, Conservation & Recycling. 47:195-208. Abstract
Christen K.  2006.  Shedding some light on mercury lamps. Environmental Science & Technology. 40:5829.
[10.1289/ehp.120-a148] Lubick N.  2012.  Shifting Mountains of Electronic Waste. Environ Health Perspect. 120 Abstract
[773] Schmidt CW.  2006.  Unfair trade - E-waste in Africa. Environmental Health Perspectives. 114:A232-A235.
[4398] Nguyen D-Q, Yamasue E, Okumura H, Ishihara K.  2009.  Use and disposal of large home electronic appliances in Vietnam. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. 11:358-366. Abstract
Patrick K, Stan M J.  2007.  WASTE MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTH AFRICA. Environment, Development and Sustainability. 9:163-185.
[3923] Yang J, Lu B, Xu C.  2008.  WEEE flow and mitigating measures in China. Waste Management. 28:1589-1597. Abstract
Magazine Article
Newspaper Article
[4010] Janse van Rensburg R.  2008.  HP e-Waste Management. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008).
Proceedings Article
[4009] Kopacek B.  2008.  Case Study: Multi Life Cycle Center. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008).
Monchamp A, Evans H, Nardone J, Wood S, Proch E, Wagner T.  2001.  CATHODE RAY TUBE MANUFACTURING AND RECYCLING: ANALYSIS OF INDUSTRY SURVEY. Electronic Product Recovery and Recycling (EPR2) and Electronics Recycling Summit.
[4002] Waema T, Muriuki M, Wanjira A, Finlay A, Schluep M.  2008.  e-Waste in Kenya: baseline assessment. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
[4014] Boeni H.  2008.  E-Waste Recycling - a relevant contribution to close global material cycles. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[4015] Boeni H, Silva U, Ott D.  2008.  E-Waste Recycling in Latin America: Overview, Challenges and Potential. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology. Abstract
[4017] Dickenson J.  2008.  E-waste situation and trends in OECD countries . 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[4020] Román Moguel G.  2008.  Ejemplo Regional: México. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[4019] Llera Gonzales R.  2008.  El Sector Privado y la REP. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[4269] Joseph K.  2007.  Electronic waste management in India- Issues and strategies. Sardinia 2007, Eleventh International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium. Abstract
[3993] Anderson K.  2008.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of South African E-Waste Scenario. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008).
[4756] Schluep M, Müller E, Hilty LM, Ott D, Widmer R, Böni H.  2003.  Insights from a decade of development cooperation in e-waste management. First International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability. :45-51. Abstract
[687] Williams E.  2005.  International activities on E-waste and guidelines for future work. Proceedings of The Third Workshop on Material Cycles and Waste Management in Asia. Abstract
[4018] Devia L.  2008.  Marco legal y el papel de los gobiernos. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[3998] Laissaoui SE, Rochat D.  2008.  Morocco: e-waste country assessment (2008). Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
[4016] Silva U.  2008.  Panorama General de los Residuos Electrónicos de PC en Latinoamérica y el Caribe. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[4021] Camacho L A.  2008.  Reacondicionamiento, reuso y el papel de la sociedad civil. 2008 Global Symposium on Recycling, Waste Treatment and Clean Technology.
[4007] Kopacek B.  2008.  ReLCD: Recycling And Re-Use Of LCD Panels. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008).
Haltermann I, Pfeil F.  2006.  Rohstoffknappheit als Konfliktrisiko und Entwicklungshemmnis? Erfahrungen, Fakten, Prognosen Fachworkshop im Rahmen der Projektreihe Globales Ressourcenmanagement – Herausforderung für die Friedens-, Entwicklungs- und Umweltpolitik; Problemanalyse und Lösungsansätze am Beispiel mineralischer Rohstoffe.
[4006] Wone S, Rochat D, Gassama CID, KANE C.  2008.  Senegal: e-waste country assessment (2008). Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
[4005] Widmer R, Schluep M, Denzler S.  2008.  The Swiss Global e-Waste Programme. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
[4008] Ecroignard RC.  2008.  Transboundary Movement of e-Waste. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
[4270] Wu T, J. CY.  2008.  Understanding population dynamics of WEEE recycling system in the developing countries: A SIR model. ISEE 2008, IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment. Abstract
[3997] Hediger R, Leroy P, Kasser U.  2008.  WEEE label of excellence. Waste Management Conference (WasteCon2008). Abstract
Huisman J, Stevels A, Marinelli T, Magalini F.  2006.  Where did WEEE go wrong in Europe. International symposium on electronics and the environment. :83-88. Abstract
Widmer R, Lombard R.  2005.  e-Waste assessment in South Africa, a case study of the Gauteng province. Swiss global e-waste programme „Knowledge Partnerships in e-Waste Recycling“. Abstract
[4595] Garraway E, Ott D.  2010.  e-Waste Assessment in Trinidad & Tobago. UNIDO e-waste initiative for Tanzania. :57. Abstract
[4050] Finlay A, Liechti D.  2008.  e-Waste assessment South Africa. e-Waste Association of South Africa. :73. Abstract
[4491] Magashi A, Schluep M.  2011.  e-Waste Assessment Tanzania. UNIDO e-waste initiative for Tanzania. :75. Abstract
[4715] Ogungbuyi O, Nnorom IC, Osibanjo O, Schluep M.  2012.  e-Waste Country Assessment Nigeria. e-Waste Africa project of the Secretariat of the Basel Convention. :94. Abstract
[4758] Manhart A, Amera T, Belay M.  2013.  E-waste Country Study Ethiopia. StEP, Solving the e-Waste Problem. :46.
[4757] Wang F, Kuehr R, Ahlquist D, Li J.  2013.  E-waste in China: A country report. StEP, Solving the e-Waste Problem. :60. Abstract
[4093] Waema T, Mureithi M.  2008.  E-waste Management in Kenya. HP / DSF / Empa project "e-Waste Management in Africa". :67. Abstract
[4761] UNEP.  2012.  E-waste Volume III: WEEE / E-waste “Take-back system” . United Nations Environmental Programme Division of Technology, International Environmental Technology Centre . :148.
[4695] Blaser F, Schluep M.  2012.  Economic Feasibility of e-Waste Treatment in Tanzania. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Abstract
[4267] Byrde S.  2006.  Electronic Wastes Recycling in Bangalore: Proposal for the Improvement of the Environmental and Dismantling Performance of the Formal and Informal Recyclers. Swiss e-waste programme „Knowledge Partnerships in e-Waste Recycling“ and the Indo-Swiss-German e-Waste Initiative. :16. Abstract
[4088] Bossert K, GmbH P.  2001.  Elektronikschrott in der Schweiz 2001. Bundesamt für Umwelt, Wald und Landschaft.
von Geibler J, Ritthoff M, Kuhndt M.  2003.  The environmental impacts of mobile computing, a case study with HP. DEESD, Digital Europe: ebusiness and sustainable development. :43.
[4586] Daoud D.  2011.  Inside the U.S. Electronics Recycling Industry. Recycling Research Foundation (RRF) / Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI).. :23. Abstract
[4685] Whitla O, Kuehr R, Waeger P.  2012.  International policy supply and demand distortions of scarce metals. Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) Initiative. :41.
[4449] Graedel TE.  2010.  Metal stocks in society - scientific synthesis. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). :52.
[4519] UNEP.  2011.  Recycling rates of metals - a status report. A report of the working group on the global metal flows to the International Resource Panel. :48. Abstract
[4483] Prakash S, Manhart A, Amoyaw-Osei Y, Agyekum OO.  2010.  Socio-economic assessment and feasibility study on sustainable e-waste management in Ghana. Inspectorate of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment of the Netherlands (VROM-Inspectorate) and the Dutch Association for the Disposal of Metal and Electrical Products (NVMP). :118. Abstract
[4493] Schueler D, Buchert M, Liu R, Dittrich S, Merz C.  2011.  Study on Rare Earths and Their Recycling. The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. :162.
[4094] Laissaoui SE, Rochat D.  2008.  Technical report on the assessment of e-waste management in Morocco. HP / DSF / Empa project "e-Waste Management in Africa". :67. Abstract
[4714] Strother JM, Williams HO, Schluep M.  2012.  Used and end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment imported into Liberia. e-Waste Africa project of the Secretariat of the Basel Convention. :18. Abstract
[740] Keller M.  2006.  Assessment of gold recovery processes in Bangalore, India and evaluation of an alternative recycling path for printed wiring boards. Institute for Spatial and Landscape Planning, Regional Resource Management ; Empa, Technology and Society Lab. :105. Abstract
[3971] Basiye KK.  2008.  Extended Producer Responsibility for the Management of Waste from Mobile Phone. International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University. :80. Abstract
Atlee JR.  2005.  Operational Sustainability Metrics: A Case of Electronics Recycling. Engineering Systems Division and the Department of Material Science and Engineering. Abstract