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Transnational Flows of E-Waste and Spatial Patterns of Recycling in China

TitleTransnational Flows of E-Waste and Spatial Patterns of Recycling in China
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsXin T, Jici W
Journal TitleEurasian Geography and Economics
AbstractTwo geographers residing in Beijing discuss the inflows, processing, and consumptionof electronic waste—a topic largely neglected in the current literature on globalization.Based on extensive interviews with electronics producers and recyclers in China, thepaper explores the global flows of e-waste and concentration of related recycling in coastalChina. The authors suggest that recycling activities (authorized as well as illegal) grew in tandemwith the dramatic increase in electronics production during the last decade. They notethat the country’s recycling sector has played a significant role in rural industrialization andlocal economic development, albeit in conflict with the objectives of environmental protection.Journal of Economic Literature, Classification Numbers: F20, L63, O17, O19. 6 figures,23 references. Key words: electronic waste; global production network; local economicdevelopment; electronics industry, environmental protection; China.
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