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Legislating e-waste management: progress from various countries

TitleLegislating e-waste management: progress from various countries
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSinha-Khetriwal D, Widmer R, Schluep M, Eugster M, Wang X, Lombard R, Ecroignard L
Journal Titleelni Review
AbstractElectrical and electronic equipment pervades modernlifestyles and its usage is growing rapidly around theworld. Quick obsolescence and newer functionalities areresulting in huge quantities of these products becomewaste. This fast growing waste stream has been subjectto regulations based on the concept of extended producerresponsibility in several countries, mainly in Europe. Thispaper looks at the progress of legislating this particularwaste stream with special emphasis on the three countries,namely China, India and South Africa, within theframework of the Swiss global e-waste programme, afterlooking briefly at the status of transposing the WEEEDirective (waste electrical and electronic equipment) inEurope.
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