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e-Waste assement P.R. China - case study Beijing

Titlee-Waste assement P.R. China - case study Beijing
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsEugster M, Fu H
CitySt.Gallen/ Switzerland, Beijing/ P.R. China
AbstractBased on abundance of survey data/information, this report has made an analysis and assessment/evaluation on situation of e-waste management, handling, and recycling in Beijing.Beijing, the capital of China, has a high popularization on civilian TV sets, PCs, Mobile phones and Hi-Fi (including Recorder, Video, DVD, VCD, etc.) with long lifespan. At present in Beijing, electronic product traders collect discarded electronic products with payment.In Beijing, the e-wastes are from manufactures, household and organization. The discarded electrical and electronic products are mainly collected by individual collectors. 80% of them enter the second-hand goods market for resale and others are disassembled and transport to the south-east of China for recycling.The data of this report are mainly from Beijing Statistic Bureau, extrapolation and verifying by field survey. Stakeholders relating to e-waste management of Beijing include government bodies, universities / research institutes, relevant industry associations, Non Government organization, manufactures, traders, consumers, repair shops, waste collectors, dismantlers.Based on survey and analysis, It’s found that: (1) there are about 10,775 tons e-waste every year in Beijing. (2) there are five (5) large-scale distributing trade centers for ewaste assembly and about 10,000 people involved in collecting and disassembling of waste electronic products in Beijing.
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