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A novel assessment tool for reusability of wastes

TitleA novel assessment tool for reusability of wastes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPark S, Martin A
Journal TitleJournal of Hazardous Materials
KeywordsAssessment tool, Parallel coordinates, Waste reusability
AbstractThis paper presents a new assessment method, which is able to determine the practicality of opportunities to reuse wastes. In this study, theterm—reuse has much wider concepts than simply recycling to a process. In other words, reuse in this case can include recycling, utilisationas a raw material for other processes, and particularly transformation of the waste to low or preferably high value added products. Preliminaryopportunities for the reuse of a waste can be generated by various methods such as brainstorming, desk research, consultation with industrialand academic contacts, and the like. In this work, each preliminary solution is then assessed according to three different categories—technical,economic, and environmental and regulatory, in order to determine the viability for reuse. The responses of nine collaborating companies toquestionnaires pertaining to the three categories were used to set up feasible boundaries of each category in terms of the reuse of their wastes. Basedon the replies, lower bounds for each category were determined, and then the preliminary solutions generated were ranked. The approach wasapplied to several industrial examples. The ranking of the high-dimensional information was aided by visual representation on a parallel coordinategraphic plot. Although the selection or rejection of an opportunity was highly dependent on the boundaries obtained, the approach proposed couldprovide a useful guideline to decision-makers for selection/rejection of the reuse opportunities available.
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