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Waste without borders in the EU? Transboundary shipments of waste

TitleWaste without borders in the EU? Transboundary shipments of waste
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2009
Prepared forEuropean Commission
InstitutionEuropean Environment Agency
CityCopenhagen, Denmark
AbstractThis report sets out what we do and do not know about transboundary shipments of waste. We present the international and EU legislation on waste shipment and information about the increasing quantities of shipped hazardous and problematic waste between EU Member States as well as shipments from EU Member States to other non‑EU countries. We look at how the shipped waste is treated and whether the treatment is better in the importing countries than in the countries of origin and we also examine the illegal shipment of waste, including e-waste. We show that waste is a precious resource and that waste shipment regulations and market forces go hand in hand for certain waste streams, which is positive. In conclusion, we point out the need for better reporting to the European Commission on waste shipments and why this should lead to better understanding of waste shipment issues.
EEA_2009_EU.pdf3.95 MB
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