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The Durban Declaration on e-Waste Management in Africa

TitleThe Durban Declaration on e-Waste Management in Africa
Publication TypeStatute
Year of Publication2008
AbstractRepresentatives of e-waste projects in Morocco, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa were invited to attend the WasteCon’08 conference in Durban, South Africa, and to present a national status report. Following international-level discussion of e-waste management, a proposal for the way forward was drafted in the form of the ‘Durban Declaration on e-Waste Management in Africa’. The declaration avoids the formulation of ready-made, implementable solutions as it was agreed that every country requires its own process to define a road-map related to specific projects. Key recommendations include: improvement of co-operation between national, African and international players through a multi-stakeholder process; creation of awareness at all levels of governance and the general public; enabling the recycling markets by identifying appropriate material trading routes; developing a policy and legislative framework; and promoting best available technology and practice through technology transfer and capacity building.
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