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Swiss e-waste programme
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Project Duration:
2007 - 2011
Assessment Study
Facilitating the development of a national e-waste management strategy
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Peru hasn’t seen any formal recycling activities of e-waste yet, but it is likely that dismantling of e-waste has become a lucrative and ubiquitous business for the poor, which operate in an unsafe and unhealthy environment. The responsible government authorities have raised awareness about the problem situation and decided to address the issue. As in Colombia, the programme facilitates a detailed diagnosis of the situation and the establishment of a sustainable e-Waste management system in Peru. The country assessment Peru on e-waste from computers and cellphones has recently been terminated and is now available. The programme in Peru is implemented in parallel to a similar cooperation with Colombia. Meanwhile various responsible public and actors in both countries have formed national committees which adress the topic of sound e-waste management. Activities are integrated into a regional platform for sound e-waste management, where particularly countries with emerging economies are participating, such as Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina. The Latin American projects are carried out in partnership with the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Chilean Corporation for Social and Educational Studies (SUR).
Project documents:
  • Diagnóstico del Manejo de los Residuos Electrónicos en el Perú (2008) more »
 Important Indicators
 GDP/cap, PPP, in current int. $ (2005) 6'040
 Population in Mio. (2006)  28
 e-waste/cap from PCs in kg (2006)  0.22
Project events:
  •  Workshop on e-waste management in Peru more »
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