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Characterization of residues from dismantled imported wastes

TitleCharacterization of residues from dismantled imported wastes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsFeng Y-J, Yang Y-Q, Zhang C, Song E-X, Shen D-S, Long Y-Y
Journal TitleWaste Management
KeywordsToxicity leaching
AbstractResidues from the imported wastes dismantling process create a great burden on the ambient environment. To develop appropriate strategies for the disposal of such residues, their characteristics were studied through background value analysis and toxicity leaching tests. Our results showed that the heavy metals concentrations in residues were high, particularly those of Cu (7180 mg kg−1), Zn (2783 mg kg−1), and Pb (1954 mg kg−1). Toxicity leaching tests revealed a high metal releasing risk of such residues if they are disposed of in a landfill. However, the residues of imported wastes were also found to have some intrinsic metal recycling value.
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