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Swiss e-waste programme
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Project Duration:
2007 - 2011
Assessment Study
Facilitating the development of a national e-waste management strategy
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Colombia is facing major challenges trough an increasing penetration of information and communication technologies throughout businesses and public administration. Thus the Ministry of Environment has put the need for cleaner e-waste management as a top priority on the environmental agenda. The programme facilitates a detailed diagnosis of the situation and the establishment of a sustainable e-Waste management system in Colombia. The case study Colombia was launched in January 2007. First efforts concentrated on data gathering about existing practices and recycling processes in Colombia's two mayor cities Bogota and Medellin and on the identification and motivation of the most important stakeholders of the sector. These were found both in the public and private sector. Activities are integrated into a regional platform for sound e-waste management, where particularly countries with emerging economies are participating, such as Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina. The Latin American projects are carried out in partnership with the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Chilean Corporation for Social and Educational Studies (SUR).
Project documents:
  • Gestión de Residuos Electrónicos en Colombia: Diagnóstico de Computadores y Teléfonos Celulares (2008) more »
  • Manejo de los RAEE a través del sector informal en Medellín more »
 Important Indicators
 GDP/cap, PPP, in current int. $ (2005) 7'300
 Population in Mio. (2006)  43
 e-waste/cap from PCs in kg (2006)  0.15
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