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e-Waste management in Africa
Funding Agency:
Hewlett-Packard (HP)
International Partners:
Local Partners:
Project Duration:
2007 - 2008
Assessment Study
Country Website:
In Kenya, a baseline study of e-waste with a focus on desktop PCs, notebooks and printers was conducted. Through data analysis, a literature review, field visits and interviews, as well as a series of stakeholder workshops, the study aimed to map e-waste flows in Nairobi, and to identify formal and informal role players in the e-waste recovery and recycling chain. It also analysed the policy and legislative environment affecting e-waste, and looked at its social, economic and environmental impact, including health and safety issues for e-waste recyclers.
Project documents
  • e-Waste management in Kenya more »
 Important Indicators
 GDP/cap, PPP, in current int. $ (2005) 1'240
 Population in Mio. (2007)  38
 e-waste/cap from PCs in kg (2007)  0.07
Project events:
  •  "Study results" workshop, Nairobi / Kenya, 2008 more »
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