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Swiss e-waste programme
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Project Duration:
2003 - 2008
Defining a national e-waste management strategy
Mainstreaming the informal sector
Developing Clean e-Waste Channels
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India has a large e-waste recycling industry, in and around the big cities, handling from collecting and dismantling to re-manufacturing obsolete appliances and material recovery. The entire business develops in the informal sector, i.e. within small units with low-skilled, mainly migrant labour. At national level, the programme’s activities are concentrating on supporting the National WEEE Strategy Group, while the project's implementation unit focuses on the ‘Cyber City’ Bangalore where it supports the establishment of a «Clean e-Waste Channel», starting with safe and controlled recycling of corporate e-waste. Linked to this initiative, an e-Waste Agency is established and alternative business models are developped for the organisation and safe participation of the informal sector. Important is the diversion of hazardous fractions and processes to the formal industry.
Project documents:
  • India: Including the Existing Informal Sector in a Clean e-Waste Channel (2008) more »
  • Optimal recycling for printed wiring boards (PWBs) in India (2007) more »
  • Procedures for electronic equipment of STP-units "Debonding summary report" (2006) more »
  • Electronics City - Best Practice in Corporate e-Waste Disposal more »
  • Implementing a Clean e-Waste Channel in Electronics City (2006) more »
  • Assessment of gold recovery processes in Bangalore, India and evaluation of an alternative recycling path for printed wiring boards (2006) more »
  • Electronic Wastes Recycling in Bangalore: Proposal for the Improvement of the Environmental and Dismantling Performance of the Formal and Informal Recyclers (2006) more »
  • Summary Report on the WEEE do GHK training implementation (2006) more »
  • Summary Report on the WEEE-training preparation (2005) more »
  • the Way Forward (2004) more »
  • Risk Assessment of e-Waste Burning in Delhi, India (2004) more »
 Important Indicators
 GDP/cap, PPP, in current int. $ (2005)  3'450
 Population in Mio. (2007)  1'125
 e-waste/cap from PCs in kg (2007)     0.05
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