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Format: 2017-08-24
Format: 2017-08-24
Microsoft has teamed up with UN to curb electronic waste which poses serious risks to human health and the environment.
A waste management expert says Australia is lagging behind other countries on the issue of disposal of electronic waste.
As part of the Swiss e-Waste Programme, Empa's sustec group organized from the 6th to 12th of september 2009 an e-Waste Study Tour with 19 participants from their partner institutions in Peru, Colombia, Brasil, Chile, Argentina and South Africa.
Although right now the Middle East has no comprehensive legislation or rules governing e-waste management, the region is waking up to the challenge and has started doing its bit to manage e-waste more effectively.
In two or three years time there will be a “light bulb recycling tsunami” for energy-saving light bulbs as consumers start to recycle them, according to an industry expert.
The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs will help Peru promote the environmentally sound management of waste electrical and electronic equipment.
India is close to finalising the world's strictest set of rules on disposing of electronic waste. The rules, framed by electronics equipment manufacturers with the help of NGOs, are now being given the final touch by the ministry of environment and...
The introduction of a national or European Union register to hold all organisations handling waste electrical and electronic equipment in the EU will help Member States to capture more WEEE tonnages, according to an industry expert.
Following on the news last week that electronics exported from the U.S. and other industrial countries may be reused more often than previously thought, I got a heads-up about a new project that helps to minimize the impact of those exported...
The Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia (Pikom) and the Department of Environment (DoE) have set up more than 400 e-waste collection bins around the country.
La Plataforma RELAC IDRC/SUR presenta una iniciativa para apoyar la formación de jóvenes profesionales en el área de residuos electrónicos. Estos residuos serán en el futuro los desechos a los que se preste mayor...
Clouds of black smoke from burning plastic hang over the sites of Nigeria's vast dumps, as tiny figures pick their way through slicks of oily water, past cracked PC monitors and television screens.
The most comprehensive study to date of computer reuse in a developing country, recently published in ES&T, suggests that such reuse may be more pervasive than previously believed.
A Lakewood recycling firm has been ordered to come up with a plan to dispose of old computer gear rejected by Hong Kong as illegal wastes.
It was meant to clear up the problem of electronic waste, but an EU directive on recycling is being flagrantly abused in the UK.
Britain was accused yesterday of dumping toxic household and industrial waste in developing countries on two continents in breach of an international convention.
The Environmental Protection Agency amended its administrative complaint against EarthEcycle to include allegations the electronic equipment recycler improperly exported and handled e-waste containers shipped to South Africa, the agency said Monday.
Amid growing protests that Africa continues to be a dumping ground for old electronic equipment, Uganda has outlawed imports of used computers and Zambia is moving to stem the tide of imports of old technology.
The Basel Action Network (BAN) is reporting another instance of electronics collected as part of a charity recycling event that have allegedly been redirected into trash shipments meant for developing countries.
The company says it is involved in two recycling initiatives, aimed at recovering and recycling “end-of-life” IT hardware in SA.
Backyard recyclers of electronics waste in developing countries use open fires and chemicals to extract precious metals, then dump the hazardous byproducts.
Experts from a variety of disciplines shared strategies and possible solutions to reducing and reclaiming electronic waste (e-waste) at “Green Materials and Processes for Managing Electronic Waste” at the TMS 2009 Annual Meeting.
US state Indiana became the first state to pass a major electronics recycling law in 2009 as Gov. Mitch Daniels signed HB 1589 into May 13, making Indiana the 19th state to pass a law creating a statewide e-waste recycling program.
SEATTLE (AP) — PC maker Dell Inc. formally banned on Tuesday the export of broken computers, monitors and parts to developing countries amid complaints that lax enforcement of environmental and worker-safety regulations have allowed an...
The theme of China’s annual National People’s Congress taking place this week – the proceedings of which remain highly secretive beforehand – has been largely an economic one.