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Where did WEEE go wrong in Europe

TitleWhere did WEEE go wrong in Europe
Publication TypeProceedings Article
Year of Conference2006
AuthorsHuisman J, Stevels A, Marinelli T, Magalini F
Conference NameInternational symposium on electronics and the environment
Pagination83- 88
Conference LocationSan Francisco, USA
Keywordseco-efficiency, Electronic waste, electronics recycling, organization take-back and recycling, WEEE directive
AbstractThis paper links lessons drawn from the WEEE Directive implementation process going on in Europe with academic lessons obtained from the TU Delft eco-efficiency studies on electronics recycling. The combination of eco-efficiency and organizational analysis is proven to be very useful for enhancing stakeholder interactions on improving end-of-life chains. From this, a roadmap is proposed for US developments, in order to prevent similar chaos as with the current EU WEEE introduction process. The key issues for setting up take-back systems for discarded consumer electronics are addressed: How to organize take-back and recycling in an eco-efficient way plus how to align all stakeholder interests and positions in a practical way at the same time for the short, medium and long term?
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