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The Swiss Global e-Waste Programme

TitleThe Swiss Global e-Waste Programme
Publication TypeProceedings Article
Year of Conference2008
AuthorsWidmer R, Schluep M, Denzler S
Conference NameWaste Management Conference (WasteCon2008)
Conference Start Date06.10.2008
Conference LocationDurban, South Africa
Keywordse-waste management systems, Extended producer responsibility, Industrializing and Developing Countries, Informal Sector., Transboundary Movement, WEEE

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) launched a global e-waste initiative the "Knowledge Partnerships in e-Waste Recycling" in 2003. The programme's aims were to assess current e-waste management practices in various emerging economies, to design improvement recommendations and strategies and support the implementation of the most promising and urgent activities in pilot projects. Empa, the Swiss Institute for Materials Science & Technology was mandated to operate this programme which ends in December 2008 in the three pre-selected countries India, China and South Africa. The programme was designed to facilitate mutual learning and to allow stakeholders in the 3 participating countries to exchange there existing knowhow and gained experiences. In order to have a wider impact and further reach the programme promoted a new global platform, the StEP-Initiative, mainly to promote better e-waste management by involving developing countries through that platform. One obvious lasting benefit from this programme will be tested and replicable models for several important aspects of e-waste management system. This paper compiles and discusses the results of some major pilot activities and evaluates the programme's design.

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