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Status quo of e-waste management in mainland China

TitleStatus quo of e-waste management in mainland China
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLi J, Tian B, Liu T, Liu H, Wen X, Honda S€™ichi
Journal TitleJournal of Material Cycles & Waste Management
KeywordsAmount of obsolescence, Electrical and electronic wastes, Legislation, Recycling system
AbstractIn China, the use and obsolescence of both electronicand electrical equipment have increased rapidlyin recent years. China has also begun to take measures tocope with this problem since it began experiencing a rapidprocess of industrialization and urbanization in the 1990s.In this paper, the profile of the electrical and electronicwaste (e-waste) problem in China is depicted from suchaspects as domestic e-waste and imported e-waste, alongwith their recycling systems, policies, and regulations. Basedon statistics of the consumption of major household appliancesand personal computers, a forecast is made of thenumbers of obsolete major household appliances andpersonal computers. The results show that currently thenumber of electrical and electronic products in use in Chinais tremendous. An investigation on household appliancesand personal computers in Beijing was made to assessthe use and obsolescence of these products.Also, the legalissues relating to e-waste in China are summarized, andthese will be the juristic foundation for the solution ofe-waste problems.
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