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Secondary materials transfer from Japan to China: destination analysis

TitleSecondary materials transfer from Japan to China: destination analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsYoshida A, Terazono A, Aramaki T, Hanaki K
Journal TitleJournal of Material Cycles & Waste Management
KeywordsCoefficient of specialization, Destination analysis, Material transfer, Secondary material
AbstractChina has been the largest importer of secondarymaterials for recycling from Japan during the past decade.In this study, we analyzed the transfer of major secondarymaterials (plastic, steel, copper, and aluminum scrap) fromJapan to China.We identified specific destinations for secondarymaterials, and the characteristics of secondary materialstransferred to China. The major destination for thetransfer of secondary materials to China is Guangdongprovince and part of the Huadong area (Shanghai, Zhejiang,and Jiangsu). Most scrap metal imported into Chinais of low quality.The destinations of most high-quality nonferrousscrap, imported as processed goods on consignmentor through the transit improvement trade, are the northeastborder provinces, especially Xinjiang Uighur province. Thecoefficients of specialization for Chinese cities were differentfrom those for the provinces. Guangdong shows anaverage recycling structure for China. The structure graduallychanges from south to north.
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