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An introduction to ‘Best of 2 Worlds’ project

TitleAn introduction to ‘Best of 2 Worlds’ project
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStreicher-Porte M
Keywordsmanual dismantling, Recycling Infrastructure
Abstract‘Best of 2 Worlds’ (Bo2W) is a project under the ‘Taskforce 4 Recycling’ of the StEP initiative (Solving the E‐waste Problem) coordinated by the United Nations University. Bo2W aims to combine the strengths of western e‐waste management experience with the local context of China in order to set up a large scale e‐waste recycling facility appropriate to Chinese culture and markets. This project seeks to find the most eco‐efficient approach for the carrying out of e‐waste recycling in China, whilst complying with environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards of the clients, and fulfilling all existing legal requirements. The overall direction is the conducting of deep level manual dismantling of e‐waste as a pre‐treatment process, followed by a sound treatment process for final material recovery and hazardous fractions. After a small and large scale testing period, the current goals intend to scale up the recycling facility, install the tested EHS management and monitoring system, and to start a continuous operation. The advantage of this approach is that economically profitable and environmentally sound recycling is performed, while ‐according to the recycling requirements of the waste products‐ a mechanization of recycling processes can be increasingly introduced. The Bo2W project focuses explicitly on recycling of Chinese domestic e‐waste, no illegal trans‐boundary waste will be involved. The investor of this project is Chiho‐Tiande Metal Co. Ltd., who is currently the largest recycler for waste mixed scrap. Adequate investment, mature knowledge of dealing with waste metal recycling, combined with research and knowledge of an international think tank; means that this project will be able to showcase how e‐waste recycling in China might be managed.
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