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Exporting harm, the high-tech trashing of Asia

TitleExporting harm, the high-tech trashing of Asia
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsPuckett J, Byster L, Westervelt S, Gutierrez R, Davis S, Hussain A, Dutta M
InstitutionThe Basel Action Network (BAN)Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC)
CitySeattle, WA., USA
AbstractSummary Findings• Millions of pounds of electronicwaste (E-Waste) from obsolete computersand TVs are being generated in theU.S. each year and huge amounts -- anestimated 50% to 80% collected forrecycling -- is being exported.• This export is due to cheaperlabor, lack of environmental standards inAsia, and because such export is still legalin the United States.• The E-waste recycling and disposaloperations found in China, India,and Pakistan are extremely polluting andlikely to be very damaging to humanhealth. Examples include open burningof plastic waste, exposure to toxic solders,river dumping of acids, and widespreadgeneral dumping.• Contrary to all principles ofenvironmental justice, the United States,rather than banning exports of toxic Ewasteto developing countries, is actuallyfacilitating their export.• China has banned the import of EWasteand yet the United States refusesto honor that ban by preventing exportsto them.• Due to a severe lack of responsibilityon the part of the federal governmentand the electronics industry, consumers,recyclers and local governmentsare left with few viable, sustainableoptions for E-waste.
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