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Environmental response indicators for the industrial and energy sector in Flanders

TitleEnvironmental response indicators for the industrial and energy sector in Flanders
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
Authorsvan Graven T, Block C, Geens J, Cornelis G, Vandecasteele C
Journal TitleJournal of Cleaner Production
Keywordseco-efficiency, EMS, Environmental performance evaluation, Industry and energy, Response indicators
AbstractEnvironmental reporting with quantitative indicators is becoming popular worldwide. However, environmental response indicators, whichdescribe the reaction of societal actors to environmental problems and to government policy, still remain under investigation. This paper describesthe collection of potential response indicators for the industry and energy sectors in Flanders, the quality assessment, and the identifi-cation of a core set of suitable response indicators. The selected core set consists of four indicators: eco-efficiency (a mainstream indicator fordecades), the presence of an environmental management system, the amount of environmental expenditures and the use of sustainable energy.This core set is applied to the Flemish situation in order to assess the environmental performance of the industry and energy sectors. The core setallows identification of areas where the industry and energy sectors are performing better than other sectors, as well as areas where additionalefforts are needed.
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