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Emission inventory of deca-brominated diphenyl ether (DBDE) in Japan

TitleEmission inventory of deca-brominated diphenyl ether (DBDE) in Japan
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSakai S-ichi, Hirai Y, Aizawa H, Ota S, Muroishi Y
Journal TitleJournal of Material Cycles & Waste Management
KeywordsBrominated flame retardant, e-waste, Emission factor, Material recycling, Polybrominated diphenyl ethers
AbstractAtmospheric emissions of deca-brominateddiphenyl ether (DBDE) in Japan were estimated based onthe material flow of DBDE products and their emissionfactors. In 2002, the demand for DBDE in Japan was 2200ton/year and the stock level was about 60000 ton. TheDBDE flow into the waste stream was estimated to beabout 6000 ton/year and the flow out through second-handproduct exports was more than 700 ton/year. Home appliancerecycling facilities dismantle and crush domesticwastes containing about 600 ton of DBDE annually. Materialrecycling of crushed plastics is not commonly practicedas yet. Emission factors from plastics processing (2 × 10−9–1 × 10−7), textile processing (9 × 10−7), home appliancerecycling (8 × 10−9–5 × 10−6), and waste incineration (1 ×10−7–2 × 10−6) were estimated using field measurement data.The DBDE emission rate through house dust during theservice life of final products (2 × 10−7–9 × 10−7 per year) wasestimated using the DBDE concentration in dust and theamount of dust in used televisions. Emission factors fromprevious studies were also used.The estimated total DBDEemission was 170–1800kg/year. These results suggest thenecessity of characterizing emissions during the service lifeof products, which is essential information for formulatingan appropriate e-waste recycling strategy.
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