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Electronic scraps - Recovering of valuable materials from parallel wire cables

TitleElectronic scraps - Recovering of valuable materials from parallel wire cables
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
Authorsde Araújo MCPB, Chaves AP, Espinosa DCR, Tenório JAS
Journal TitleWaste Management
AbstractEvery year, the number of discarded electro-electronic products is increasing. For this reason recycling is needed, to avoid wasting non-renewable natural resources. The objective of this work is to study the recycling of materials from parallel wire cable through unit operations of mineral processing. Parallel wire cables are basically composed of polymer and copper. The following unit operations were tested: grinding, size classification, dense medium separation, electrostatic separation, scrubbing, panning, and elutriation. It was observed that the operations used obtained copper and PVC concentrates with a low degree of cross contamination. It was concluded that total liberation of the materials was accomplished after grinding to less than 3 mm, using a cage mill. Separation using panning and elutriation presented the best results in terms of recovery and cross contamination.
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