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Electronic Waste in Developing Countries – Recycling, Responsibility, Revenue?

TitleElectronic Waste in Developing Countries – Recycling, Responsibility, Revenue?
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSpies S, Wucke A
InstitutionGerman Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ)
AbstractDuring the last two decades information technology (IT) shows constantly increasing rates. The possibilities to communicate all around the world are easier than ever. The final declaration of the first World Summit on the In-formation Society (WSIS) included, among others, the obligation of its participants to close the digital gap and to promote people’s access to new communication technologies. This also applies to developing- and emerging countries since electronic devices become readily available. However, the context is rather different: while rela-tively few own or use a PC, for a growing number of people recycling and separation of electronic waste is now a main source of income. E-Waste is being exported to South East Asia, India and China. While national laws and international conventions are applied according to environmental standards of industrialized countries, the enforcement of environmental laws is commonly ignored in the industrializing world. Therefore environmental and public health risks increased considerably and improvements are urgently required. This should include that all stakeholders are committed to share responsibilities.
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