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E-Cycling: Linking Trade and Environmental Law in the EC and the U.S

TitleE-Cycling: Linking Trade and Environmental Law in the EC and the U.S
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKalimo H
PublisherTransnational Publishers
Number of Pages766
AbstractDr. Kalimo's legal and policy analysis explores the phenomenon recycling throughout the entire product life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials, to the production and marketing of goods, to the use of those goods and to the management of the resulting wastes. In this light, he shows how trade law interacts and can function within the demands and needs of the evolving environmental legal paradigm. Overall, the work provides more than one hundred examples of just how and when modern environmental and free trade law converge in the practical context of recycling of electronics such as mobile phones and personal computers in the internal markets of the EC and the U.S. E-Cycling is an ideal text for anyone navigating the myriad legal issues surrounding environmental protection and free trade. With holistic, horizontal guidelines and innovative use of charts and figures, the book will contribute to the effectiveness and coherence of public policy-making on the environmental law, trade law, and constitutional law levels.
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