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Develop a process to separate brominated flame retardants from WEEE polymers

TitleDevelop a process to separate brominated flame retardants from WEEE polymers
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsFreegard K, Morton R, Lund I, Huisman J, Studds P, Freer E
Series EditorWaste T, Programme RA
Prepared forCreating markets for recycled resources
CityBanbury, Oxon, UK
Type2nd interim report
ISBN NumberProject code: PLA-037
AbstractThis interim report summarises the practical trials and process design work conducted during the second phase of a three phase project funded by WRAP to develop a process to separate brominated flame retardants (BFRs) from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) polymers.The work conducted during Phase 2 indicates that there are at least two processes for extraction of brominated flame retardants from WEEE polymers which have potential to be commercially viable in the UK context at a throughput of 10,000te/year. These are the Creasolv process developed by Fraunhofer IVV in Germany and the Centrevap process, developed in the course of this project.Both processes should be able to compete favourably with landfill disposal (£35/te gate fee) but not with export of the BFR-containing polymer outside the EU (current sales value £50-80/te).Environmental impact comparisons conducted during the project indicate that both of the recommended processes have a net environmental gain across all environmental impact categories and that the proposed treatment routes are a substantially better environmental option than landfill and also a better option than incineration with energy recovery.The report recommends that both processes should be developed and assessed further in Phase 3 of the project.
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