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Current status and research on E-waste issues in Asia

TitleCurrent status and research on E-waste issues in Asia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsTerazono A, Murakami S, Abe N, Inanc B, Moriguchi Y, Sakai S-ichi, KOJIMA M, Yoshida A, Li J, Yang J, Wong MH, Jain A, Kim I-S, Peralta GL, Lin C-C
Journal TitleJournal of Material Cycles & Waste Management
KeywordsAsia, e-waste, Environmental preservation, Material cycles, Recycling systems
AbstractRapid economic growth in Asia and the increasingtransboundary movement of secondary resources willincreasingly require both 3R endeavors (reduce, reuse,recycle) in each country and appropriate control of internationalmaterial cycles. Recently, managing electrical andelectronic waste (E-waste) has become an important targetfor domestic and international material cycles from theviewpoints of environmental preservation and resourceutilization efficiency. To understand the current status ofE-waste issues in the context of international materialcycles and to discuss the future tasks related to achieving3R in the region, we organized the National Institute forEnvironmental Studies (NIES) E-waste Workshop inDecember 2004.This article reviews past studies on E-wasteand briefly describes the topics presented and discussionsheld at the workshop. The topics at the workshop includedE-waste generation, recycling systems, international trade,and environmental impacts. In addition, we discussedvarious issues such as terminology, current environmentalconcerns, and possible solutions. Transboundary shipmentsof E-waste should be conducted taking into considerationthe concept of sustainable development. The directionof future research and possible collaborations are alsodiscussed.
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