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Cathode ray tube recycling

TitleCathode ray tube recycling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMenad N
Journal TitleResources, Conservation and Recycling
KeywordsCathode ray tube, Glass, Handling, Incineration, Landfilling, recycling
AbstractLead and polybrominated flame retardants are the two hazardous materials that can befound in electronic appliances. Particularly, cathode ray tubes (CRT) contain leaded glasses.In a computer monitor, over 98% of the lead is in the CRT. This material is generally notaccepted for reuse as a component; only those from televisions can be reused. However, thiscurrently represents only a very small market. Envirocycle (a US company) has developed aprocess to recycle all glasses contained in CRTs; this process includes cleaning and sortingglass. The product obtained is used for the manufacture of new CRT glass. Some industrieshave used pulverized glass from CRTs in smelting processes as slagging material instead ofsand or slag. In this paper, some environmental issues related to the recycling of computersand television sets, and CRTs from computers are presented and discussed. Differentprocesses used to recycle CRTs are described along with an economic analysis.
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