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An overview of recycling and treatment of scrap computers

TitleAn overview of recycling and treatment of scrap computers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLee C-H, Chang C-T, Fan K-S, Chang T-C
Journal TitleJournal of Hazardous Materials
KeywordsCathode ray tube, Computer, Integrated circuit, Printed circuit board, Recovery, recycling, Scrap
AbstractIn order to recover valuable materials and to minimize the adverse effects of hazardous materials contained in scrap computers, a dismantlingpractice is commonly adopted to treat scrap computers. By using the dismantling process, both useful and hazardous materials can be manuallyseparated and retrieved. On the basis of the properties of the retrieved materials, they can be sent to appropriate facilities for further recyclingor treatment. Among the retrieved materials, the treatment of hazardous materials from cathode ray tubes (CRT) and printed circuit boardswith integrated circuits have drawn considerable attention, thus implying that the proper treatment of such materials can greatly assure thesuccessful recycling of scrap computers. For this reason, this study reviews the available technologies which can be applied to treat and recyclecathode ray tube components and printed circuit boards with integrated circuits. Actual recycling data from a scrap computer recycling plantlocated in Taiwan are also introduced. The data show that this recycling plant can recover 94.75 wt.% and 45.99 wt.% of useful materials fromthe main machines (i.e., CPU, power supplier, fan, IC boards, DVD drive, CD drive, hard disk, soft disk, shell casing, etc.) and monitors ofscrap computers, respectively.
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