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Lessons Learned from the MPPI and Benefits of Future Private-Public Partnerships in the Framework of the Basel Convention

TitleLessons Learned from the MPPI and Benefits of Future Private-Public Partnerships in the Framework of the Basel Convention
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMyslicki J
Prepared forFederal Environment Agency (Germany)
Document NumberUBA Texte 392, Nr. 16/2010
CityDessau-Roßlau, Germany
Report Number(UBA-FB) 001353/E
KeywordsBasel Convention, MPPI, Public-Private Partnership, Transboundary Waste Movements
AbstractThis report is about lessons learned from the Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI), and provides the basis for any future public-private partnerships in the framework of international agreements such as the Basel Convention. It is intended to provide some guidance for governmental authorities and international organizations, interested in setting up public-private partnerships (PPP). The report describes different but important issues that one should be aware of when setting up PPP with multi stakeholder participation. It provides a general background information on partnerships; provides reasons why different organizations and individual countries are looking towards PPP to deliver on their international and domestic obligations; challenges faced in engaging different stakeholders starting with governments, industry, NGOs, developing countries; how each partner plays its role in any PPP, some of which can be overcome by the way the partnership is established and how it is explained to the public; provides an example of a partnership that was established under the Basel Convention -Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI), its operation, organization, challenges, and solutions; identifies benefits of MPPI to individual countries, consumers, mobile phone manufacturers, international organizations; provides information on benefits in general as a result of PPPs; provides lesson learned from the MPPI; provides concluding remarks on partnerships; and finally provides recommendations to be considered when setting up multi-stakeholder partnerships based on experience gained from the MPPI.
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