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Toolkit on environmental sustainability for the ICT sector

TitleToolkit on environmental sustainability for the ICT sector
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2012
InstitutionInternational Telecommunication Union
CityGeneva / Switzerland
AbstractCompanies in the ICT sector are increasingly being asked by customers, investors, governments and other stakeholders to report on sustainability performance. However, there is noagreed standardized method to simplify and streamline this kind of reporting. Beyond reporting, companies that do not measure their environmental performance find it very difficult to manage and improve that performance. The Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability for the ICT sector is an ITU-T initiative which provides plenty of detailed support on how ICT companies can build sustainability into the operations and management of their organizations, through the practical application of international standards and guidelines. This toolkit provides a set of agreed upon sustainability requirements for ICT companies that allows for a more objective reporting of how sustainability is practiced in the ICT sector in these key areas: sustainable buildings, sustainable ICT in corporate organizations, sustainable products, end of life management, general specifications and KPIs, and an assessment framework for environmental impacts of the ICT sector. The project focuses on development of guiding principles including a standardized checklist of sustainability requirements specific to the ICT sector that will become a contribution to ITU-T Study Group 5 with the goal of developing a global standard in this area.
ITU_2012_ToolkitICT.pdf4.96 MB
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