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Transboundary Movement of e-Waste

TitleTransboundary Movement of e-Waste
Publication TypeProceedings Article
Year of Conference2008
AuthorsEcroignard RC
Conference NameWaste Management Conference (WasteCon2008)
Conference Start Date06.10.2008
Conference LocationDurban, South Africa
KeywordsBasel Convention, e-waste, Hazardous waste, Mobile Phone Working Group, Nairobi declaration, Partnership on used and end-of-life computing equipment., Transboundary Movement
AbstractThe paper is an Overview of the Basel Convention including a short history and definition of
waste and how e-waste is dealt with under the Convention. The paper focuses on specific
decisions taken by the Conference of Parties (COP) and special working groups established
under the Convention such as the Nairobi declaration, Mobile phone working group and the
partnership on used and end-of-life computing equipment. It explains how transboundary
movement under the Convention is approached.
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