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Extended Producer Responsibility for the Management of Waste from Mobile Phone

TitleExtended Producer Responsibility for the Management of Waste from Mobile Phone
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBasiye KK
Academic DepartmentInternational Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University
Number of Pages80
UniversityLund University
CityLund, Sweden
Thesis TypeMaster of Science in Environmental Sciences, Policy & Management

This thesis explores the functionality of Extend Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the
management of Electrical and Electronic waste (e-waste) in Kenya using a case study on
manufacturer involvement in end-of-life management. To achieve the purpose of the study
the analytical framework used incorporates Environmental effectiveness, Economic efficiency,
Political acceptability, Administratabilty and Innovative advancement in discussing the EPR
policy instrument used by the manufacturer. On the practical front the data on the take-back
scheme was discussed under the following factors that affect the efficiency and effectiveness
of a take-back scheme: economic incentives, disincentives, convenience, inconvenience and
information. On the other hand the thesis provides preliminary insights into the overall ewaste
management scenario in Kenya.

Literature and practical knowledge were used to explore and establish a picture of the
dynamics of EPR in e-waste management under the ICT sector with special focus on mobile
telephony and the actors in the sector. Suggested policy directions are based on the gaps
identified through an analysis of the materials and information collected while in the field. The
research confirms that there is need to develop waste management policies and regulations in
Kenya structured and guided by EPR principles. The thesis emphasizes that EPR is a necessity
in the management of e-waste in Kenya and the developing countries at large. Further it notes
that there is need for knowledge transfer and exchange from the developed countries to the
developing countries grappling with e-waste management in formulation of appropriate
institutional and legislative frameworks customized to the ground realities.

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