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E-Waste Management Practices in the Arab Region

TitleE-Waste Management Practices in the Arab Region
Publication TypeProceedings Article
Year of Conference2009
AuthorsAllam H
Conference NameR'09 World Congress
Conference Start Date14/09/2009
Conference LocationDavos, Switzerland
KeywordsArab countries, e-waste
AbstractThe objective of this research was to identify the current status of E-waste management practices in the Arab Countries. 300 questionnaires were sent out to NGOs, governmental organizations, and ICT companies. The received answers indicate that there is no formal Ewaste sector. Five international organizations, four companies and four NGOs are active in 9 Arab countries. The projects are mostly assessment studies and basic data collections leading to the assumption that the implementation of E-waste projects is in its initial phase. The received answers showed that the private sector enterprises are active in Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) supporting the collection of used mobile phones and batteries and the refurbishment/recycling. The results of the survey lead to several conclusions and recommendations for the Arab region. As there are only few E-waste projects, there is a need for awareness rising not only in society but also on legislation and institutional levels. Additionally, there is a need for E-waste management pilot projects allowing the elaboration of regionalized practices and demonstrating the benefits of a sustainable E-waste management system. Furthermore, pilot projects can demonstrate a successful business model incorporating different stakeholders. Based on pilot projects a legal framework for the ICT and recycling sector has to be formulated and implemented.
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